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Into Tohoku

A Journey Through Japan’s Deep North

Tohoku has always been a special place to us at Roads & Kingdoms. It features some of the ingredients that we love most in a destination. It is accessible—the region starts just an hour and a half from Tokyo-but it has a pronounced depth of spirit and that slight edge of mystery that keeps you wanting more. And, of course, there’s the food. From the mountains to the wild coastlines, ingredients here seem to be fresher, more thoughtful, delivering more of the nature of the place in every bite. We made this series as an homage to the people and the flavors of Tohoku, mainly in the hopes that you will follow the footsteps of so many others to this extraordinary place.

Series One:
The Treasures of Tohoku

A culture that stretches back millenia, experienced in four chapters

Series Two:
Tohoku by Train

Two very different, but equally enchanting, ways to ride the rails in Tohoku