Ginzan Onsen

Nestled by the Ginzan River in Yamagata lies the “Silver Mountain” hot spring town, named after the silver mine discovered about 500 years ago. The Ginzan hot springs run with steaming translucent waters that add to the town’s rustic atmosphere. With traditional wooden inns on both sides of the Ginzan River, the tradition of Japanese culture and hospitality can be enjoyed in the resort. The Ginzan area is home to the Kaminohata-yaki pottery, which creates a remarkably gorgeous dark blue porcelain. The craft is unique to the Ginzan Hot Spring with roots from 1831.

A stroll to Shirogane Park is perfect after a morning of relaxing in the springs. With several remarkably beautiful locations, Shirogane Park is home to the Shirogane Falls, Raion Falls, the monolithic Senshin Valley, and Nobezawa-Ginkodo, a silver mine cave open to tours through the mine tunnels.

What To See