Zuiganji Temple

The Tendai Sect of Buddhism had originally established Zuiganji in 828, but was changed into a Zen temple. Date Masamune had this temple restored in 1609 for his clan, and is still one of Tohoku’s most famous Zen temples to this day. The temple grounds of Zuiganji have a path flanked by cedar trees on both sides. Zuiganji has multiple styles of architecture, considered to be a multi-cultural work of art. Many of the structures within the temple are deemed by the Japanese government as National Treasures and Cultural Assets.

Zuiganji also has a series of caves carved out during the Kamakura period into the rocky formations adjacent to the temple grounds that are used for memorial services. Though the temple grounds of Zuiganji were damaged during the tsunami following the 2011 Tohoku earthquake, Zuiganji still stands just as importantly as it did before.

What To See