Oze National Park

Oze National Park is a vast national park known best as a hiking destination for nature walks. Featuring the Ozegahara Marshland and Ozenuma Pond, Oze Park has blooming skunk cabbage during late spring and early summer, as well as stunningly beautiful fall foliage during early autumn. Because the area is deeply covered in snow during the winter, Oze National Park is best visited when the temperature is between cool and warm. Though Oze National Park may be visited from Tokyo as a day trip, it may also be visited overnight to thoroughly enjoy the splendor of its nature. The park has numerous trails, which can be used to access the park. There are some mountain huts for travelers to stay overnight, or hotels can be found in Tokura, which has busses that go to and from the park.

Between late May and early June, white skunk cabbages come into full bloom across Ozegahara. During late July and early August, the marshland becomes very beautiful as the yellow alpine lilies bloom. As for late September and early October, the leaves turn a bright yellow and red during fall foliage season.

What To See