Tsuruga Castle

In 1591, Tsuruga was established by a local lord in what is presently Fukushima Prefecture with a history of damage and reconstruction. In spite of the castle tower being damaged multiple times, Tsuruga Castle remains as a concrete replication of the keep after being destroyed in the Meiji era. Today, Tsuruga Castle is home to a museum and observation deck, with beautiful panoramic views of the city. The Tsuruga Castle tea room has held tea ceremonies since its reconstruction and is a designated Important Cultural Property that may be enjoyed by visitors.

In his history, the famous Date Masamune fought to take over Tsuruga Castle, formerly known as Kurokawa Castle; the Ashina clan had successfully defended the property partially due to political reasons. During the Edo era, the castle became an important stronghold to the Tokugawa clan within the Tohoku region. Though the castle is known by many names, it has remained one of the most important cultural assets and historical locations of Tohoku.

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