Formerly a post town during the Edo era, it is now preserved in fashion of its original appearance, lined with buildings that are characterized by thatched roofs. Once a bustling town for those in transit, Ouchi-juku once served as the main route of rice to Edo (old Tokyo). Though no longer used as a main point of trade routes, Ouchi-juku still remains preserved as a designated Group of Traditional Buildings by the Japanese National Government. The area is both hilly and surrounded by verdant nature, with a gorgeous view from temple of Ouchi-juku.

Today, the town of Ouchi-juku has about 1.2 million visitors annually as a sightseeing spot. The thatched homes are now home to souvenir stores and local restaurants to enjoy this nostalgic artifact of the Edo era. Local specialties include Soba noodles and roasted char fish. For overnight stays, Minshuku (a small traditional Japanese style inn) is also possible.

What To See