Hirosaki Castle

The grounds of Hirosaki Castle include the three-tiered castle, as well as Hirosaki Park. Though Hirosaki Castle has been rebuilt after lightning struck the original keep in 1627, Hirosaki Castle’s tower is the sole Tenshu (castle tower) in Tohoku from the Edo era that remains standing. The castle offers a spectacular view during Cherry Blossom season for Hanami (flower viewing) parties, as the petals float on top of the castle’s moats.

Gorgeous in winter as much as in spring, Hirosaki Castle holds the Yuki-Doro Matsuri (Snow Lantern Festival) annually. The castle becomes surrounded by mini kamakura (snow huts), ice sculptures, and snow lanterns. After the sun goes down, the night brings a brilliantly illuminated, fairytale-like scenery. With gorgeous scenery, Hirosaki Castle and the park grounds offer memorable experiences all year round.

What To See