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New York City, New York – September 3, 2009.  With the summer getting to the end, it’s time to look for the next year.  In addition to the special Visit Japan Year as a tourism milestone in 2010, Japan, the country with rich cultural and natural destinations and traditions, offers unique events and services.

Kyoto Winter Special (December 1, 2009 – March 31, 2010)
Kyoto’s special tourism campaign in winter is becoming well known, particularly with the spectacular lantern events called Hanatouro (flower lantern) and Restaurant Winter Special. For experiencing more relaxing and quieter Kyoto, the event comes back this winter with exclusive public viewing of historic landmarks and two events of Hanatouro.  Kyoto’s over 100 restaurants offer time-limited pre-fix menus in February, and during the Hanatouro events, Kyoto’s famous landscapes are illuminated with traditional lanterns, presented in even more beautiful spectacle.

 The 1300th Anniversary of the First Capital of Nara
Nara, only 30 minutes away from the old capital of Kyoto, was where the very first capital of Japan was founded 1300 years ago.  With the World Heritage sites such as the large Buddha status and the world’s oldest wooden structure remained, this commemorating year marks significant cultural influence Japan received and cultural foundation in the ancient time.  The special anniversary includes exclusive public viewing at the ancient facilities, tours to historic landmarks, cultural exhibitions and more.

Tokyo Marathon 2010 (February 28, 2010)
This annual event is becoming globally known, and in the fourth year, they received over 310,000 applications for the race, and only 35,000 runners will be chosen by lottery in this October.  The race starts in front of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office in Shinjuku, and the runners compete through Tokyo’s landmarks.  The application number is growing every year, and toward the 2016 Olympic bid, this event illustrates Tokyo’s growing sports scene.

Niigata Sake Event (March 13, 14, 2010)
The best of Japanese sake event exhibits the highest quality of sake from Niigata Prefecture, the nation’s top sake manufacturing region.  With the cold weather and the best quality of rice, Niigata has the largest varieties of sake labels as well as the superior quality and flavors.  This event exhibits more than 500 labels to the public at the Toki Messe Convention Center in Niigata. (Japanese only)

Tokyo International Anime Fair 2010 (March 25 – 28, 2010)
Anime reaches to the global audience, and this annual event in the birth place of anime is the epicenter of the anime world.  The trade show accommodates over 250 anime businesses and organizations, and on the stage will be anime theater performances, charity auctions and anime creator’s panel discussions.

Kabuki-za Renovation (April 2010)
The national cultural asset building Kabuki-za is the largest theater dedicated to kabuki performance, a Japanese traditional theatrical art.  The most famous kabuki theater, originally built in Ginza in 1889, is going to be temporarily closed for renovation in April 2010.  The current building was built in 1950 after having been destroyed except for the façade during the war and it will be the last chance to view this beautiful traditional iconic building in Ginza.  The new theater is scheduled to be opened in 2013 in the commercial complex.

New Airport Express to Narita (May 20, 2010)
Access from Narita Airport to downtown Tokyo becomes new:  Airport Express Skyliner, one of the train systems connecting the airport and downtown Tokyo operated by Keisei Electric Railway Co., Ltd., introduced a new train cars and new route.  The new train car, designed by a renowned Japanese fashion designer Kansai Yamamoto, will connect between the airport and Nippori station in downtown Tokyo just in 36 minutes at 99.4 mph. (Japanese only)

Setouchi International Art Festival (July 19 – October 3)
Setouchi, the Japan’s Seto Inner Sea, has been already one of the major art destinations in Japan with an outdoor art site on Naoshima. The Art Festival is to introduce this innovative art project as well as six other tiny islands scattered all over the Inner Sea, which are joining as art sites with contemporary artists’ exhibition from all over the world.  Japan’s artistic gems gather in this peaceful inner sea more than ever.

New Runway at Haneda Airport (October 2010)
Haneda Airport, which mainly serves for domestic flights out of Tokyo, will complete the construction of the fourth runway in October 2010.  The Runway D will increase the airport’s 300,000 annual departures and arrivals to 410,000, as well as some of international flights.

World’s First Airport Planetarium (October 2010)
Along with the completion of the Runway “D” at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport, the new terminal building will also open in October 2010, accommodating world’s first planetarium in the airport.  The planetarium will be on the top floor of the 5-story building.

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