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New York City
, New York – January 16, 2009  Japan offers the perfect escape for travelers seeking warmer weather this winter season. With an easy two-hour flight from Tokyo, Kagoshima on Kyushu Island in Southern Japan is the perfect getaway for young professionals and executive visitors escaping from the hustle of Tokyo.


In the southern part of Kyushu Island, the southwest part of the Japanese archipelago, Kagoshima enjoys mild weather year around. Aside from the warmer weather, the island is also known for its volcanic mountains that are still active even today.  Kagoshima has been influential politically and culturally since the Samurai days.  Today its attractions include pottery, glassware shops, unique sand-bath spas, nature and Japanese cuisine with a special local flair.

 For a relaxing vacation to Japan’s southern beauty, Kagoshima awaits you with luxurious accommodations and activities.


The Ultimate Relaxation of a Sand-Bath

Ibusuki is part of the southern tip of Kyushu Island and is where the traditional Japanese sand-bath was developed.  For almost 350 years, the sand-bath has been rejuvenating visitors on the sandy beaches of warm Kagoshima Bay through detoxification and circulation techniques. This experience provides complete relaxation. During your treatment you are covered in warm sand while you listen to waves crash and feel the gentle ocean breezes. Ibusuki’s luxurious resort, Hakusuikan ( welcomes those who look for indulgence and a unique cultural experience.  The resort contains spacious private guestrooms with views of tranquil Japanese gardens.  Hakusuikan has also reproduced the traditional Genroku-style hot bath from the 17th century with the natural aroma of cypress, a distinctive feature among numerous Japanese hot springs.


Satsuma Denshokan

Attached to the upscale spa resort Hakusuikan in Ibusuki, Satsuma Denshokan ( Japanese only) showcases the utmost beauty of Kagoshima.  Kagoshima, formerly called Satsuma, was developed by a member of the influential Shimazu family, who celebrated Japanese beauty as well as incorporated Chinese and Korean influences.  Denshokan, literally translated to mean “legend hall”, exhibits rare artifacts and artwork from Satsuma. The design of Denshokan itself exhibits the traditional architectural beauty of Japan. Inside, the hall is decorated with five scenes of light, water, sound, fragrance and wind in a superb balance.



Literally translated as “heaven in the sky”, Tenku-no-Mori ( is the exclusive spa resort in northern Kagoshima.  In view of the famous volcanic beauty of Mt. Kirishima, Tenku-no-Mori houses only three villas for over-night stays and two for daytime relaxation in a quiet 123 acre natural preserve. Taking advantage of Kagoshima’s rich nature, Tenku-no-Mori spa is a heavenly oasis with open-air baths, and a menu of body treatments.  Additionally, Tenku-no-Mori has recently started offering helicopter tours to glide visitors through their natural surroundings and to receive a birds-eye view of the volcanic Mt. Kirishima and Mt. Sakurajima. Lastly, this resort offers a shuttle to the exclusive golf course near by. 


Shiroyama-Kanko Hotel

For complete relaxation with a stunning visual backdrop, the Shiroyama-Kanko Hotel ( Japanese only) is the place to go.  Celebrating its 60th anniversary, this Western-style Japanese hotel’s claim to fame is the breathtaking view of the active volcano Sakurajima. At 354 feet in elevation, the hotel presents Kagoshima City’s signature view with the indulgence of an open-air hot bath as well as comfortable guestrooms and a variety of superior restaurants.  The hotel is centrally located in Kagoshima, and is easily accessible to historic landmarks and the airport.


Come pamper yourself this winter in Kagoshima; a luxurious getaway that will surely leave you relaxed and rejuvenated.  For more information about Kagoshima, please go to our website,


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