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H.I.S. Experience Japan’s - Anime mania at Akihabara!

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Experience Japan’s - Anime mania at Akihabara!
H.I.S Experience Japan’s new tour into Japanese pop culture!

TOKYO (MAR 12, 2008) H.I.S Experience Japan (HEJ- Head office: Shinjyuku, Tokyo, president: Katsura Nonoyama), is a travel agent of traditional, Japanese cultural activities and tour packages that cater to inbound tourists.

If you: Have heard about the Japanese otaku (geek) culture and want to see it for yourself; Are obsessed with the Japanese otaku culture and want to experience it first hand; Or just want to add colour to your holiday…
Then HEJ has the tour for you!

Accompanied by a bilingual, American otaku in costume, discover Akihabara- Japan’s manga Mecca. Receive a guided tour of famous sites and walk through back alleys and up hidden stairways to see the ‘local’, secret places. Visit and dine in one of Akihabara’s famous ‘Maid
Cafes’, where you will be served an unforgettable experience.

今、観光客に人気の街「秋葉原」を、コスプレしたオタク外国人が、ガイドブックには載っていない、DEEPな秋葉原をご案内致します。秋葉原の名物「メイドカフェ」も体験して、 日本のポップカルチャーに触れてみませんか?アニメやゲーム、コスプレなどに興味のある 方はもちろん、興味がない方も楽しめるプログラムです。

HEJ’s NEW online booking system makes it so easy to access Japan’s fascinating culture. Select from an array of programs, choose a date that suits, enter your personal details, method of payment and show up on the day. That’s all it takes to experience the true Japan, an experience of a lifetime.

If anime attractions and manga (cartoon) madness are not enough for you, please see HEJ’s array of other packages on Other programs include, ‘A Day in the Life of a Sumo Wrestler’, ‘Ninja’ or ‘Samurai Sword Action’ or ‘Japanese Traditional Cooking.’

H.I.S. Experience Japan CO.,LTD.
H.I.S. Experience Japan CO., LTD., which targets international visitors to Japan - primarily individual tourists -, was founded as a subsidiary of H.I.S. CO, LTD., a leading tour company in Japan listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange [net sales: 288.8 billion yen (October 2006) / number of employees: 3,163 (October 31, 2006) / number of retail outlets:
236 in Japan and 73 overseas (August 13, 2007)]. Our purpose is to help make tourists’ trips in Japan safe, comfortable and pleasant. We also aim at extending our support to Japanese corporations, governmental agencies, shops and service industries catering to international

If you have any questions regarding this topic, or if you would like to receive copies of the “Experience TOKYO” brochure, contact Takeshi KOMIYA, Senior Director.

H.I.S. Experience Japan CO., LTD.
TEL +81 3 5322 8966
FAX +81 3 5322 8944

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