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Government of Japan to Honor The Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program Alumni Association of New York as Special Representa

IMMEDIATE RELEASE … New York, NY…April 29,2006 … It is with great pleasure that Mr. Kosuke Shibata, Deputy Vice Minister of Tourism Policy, on behalf of the Government of Japan, will bestow the title “Special Representative for Visit Japan Campaign” upon distinguished members of the JET Alumni Association of New York (JETAANY). This prestigious recognition will be made on May 2, 2006, during a business casual ceremony to be held at the official residence of Motoatsu Sakurai, Ambassador of the Consulate General of Japan in New York.

The JET Alumni New York chapter will be the first organization ever to be given the honorary title “Special Representative for Visit Japan Campaign.” JETAANY fosters a community of JET alumni in the tri-state area and hosts a number of events throughout the year promoting Japanese culture and understanding. In keeping with this mission, this new partnership enhances JETAANY’s role as grassroots ambassadors. JETAANY will continue to promote Japan as a tourist destination to residents of the United States, drawing upon their past experience living in Japan as participants in the JET Program. Some of these outreach activities include:

  • Writing twice-quarterly news for a new JET Alumni section of
  • Contributing to a Japan Blog that will become part of the Japan National Tourist Organization’s website beginning with the’s re-launch in June 2006
  • Mentioning JNTO and the VJC occasionally in the JETAANY weekly email announcements that includes JET alumni, friends of JET alumni and others interested in Japan. (JNTO will send JET AA NY email news updates, and JET AA NY will publish at their discretion.)
  • Distributing JNTO and VJC promotional materials at the 2006 JET Alumni Association USA National Conference (subject to confirmation).
  • Representing VJC at select trade and consumer travel events and Japan related Matsuri (festivals) in the United States

About the JET Program
JET Program participants are invited to serve in various regions of Japan to promote international exchange and assist in foreign language education in schools and local governments. JET Alumni have fostered strong ties with the Japanese people ? not only during their stay in Japan but also after the conclusion of their official service in the JET Program.

The JET Program was introduced in 1987 and now 19,700 people around the world, including 6,600 U.S. citizens, have become JET Alumni. There are now over 1,000 JET Alumni Association of New York members.

The Japanese Government launched the “Visit Japan Campaign” in 2003 under the leadership of Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi. The objective of the campaign is to attract ten million foreign tourists to Japan by the year 2010. The U.S. is now the third largest source of tourism to Japan and is one of the major focal points of the “Visit Japan Campaign.”

More Information on the JET Program:
More Information on the JETAANY:

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