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New York - July 2, 2019: 2019 is gearing up to be a major year for travel to Japan, with the number of US travelers having increased by an estimated 15.0% in the first four months of the year compared to the same period last year. Within the twelve months, the country will see an influx of new hotel openings, both from major hotel groups as well as independent properties, to welcome all of the incoming travelers. Below is a sampling of some of the biggest new hotel openings throughout Japan through 2019:

Halekulani Okinawa: Opening July 26, 2019
In the heart of Japan's tropical paradise, Halekulani will open its first hotel outside Hawaii in Onna Village on the main island of Okinawa. The resort will be nestled among lush Okinawan trees along the coast of the North China Sea. The Halekulani Okinawa will feature more than 360 luxurious guest accommodations, including 47 suites and five private villas, all of which will have views of the ocean. The resort will also have five signature restaurants and bars, each showcasing the best Japanese dishes and local cuisine.


The Halekulani Okinawa will be set on the shores of
Onna Village and the North China Sea
(© 2019 Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd.)

The LakeSuite KO no SUMIKA, Hokkaido: Opening August 2019
Set near Lake Toya, the LakeSuite KO no SUMIKA in Hokkaido is set to open with 80 rooms that seamlessly blend the hotel's natural surroundings with traditional Japanese design elements. Putting relaxation above all, guests at the LakeSuite can unwind at various spaces in the hotel, such as the library that overlooks the lake where sweets and drinks are offered to guests. Guests who book terrace rooms have access to their own onsen or can use the hot spring bath terrace at the Toya Sun Palace Spa.

Hoshino resort

The Deluxe Maisonette Quad Room at
RISONARE Nasu (© Hoshino Resorts)

Hoshino Resorts RISONARE Nasu: Opening Autumn 2019
Situated in the Nasu highlands in the Tochigi prefecture, Hoshino Resorts RISONARE Nasu hopes to reacquaint guests with nature while immersing them in authentic local culture. Created with the agritourism concept in mind, RISONARE Nasu will offer 43 guest rooms and a variety of experiences, such as pizza making with ingredients guests harvest themselves, water activities in the summer, and workshops using seasonal herbs. Other facilities include the family-friendly POKO POKO, which will offer fun nature-related activities for both children and adults, and BOOKS&CAFÉ, a casual café and library equipped with a stone oven where guests can bake their own pizzas.

Agora Kanazawa: Opening Autumn 2019
Located in historic Kanazawa Katamachi, a castle town dating back to the Edo period, Agora Kanawaza will open its doors this autumn. Centering around the concept of satei, Agora Kanazawa will offer guests a way to experience the town's spirit by offering local traditions through tea ceremonies, as well as through its restaurant and bar. The hotel will also include an onsen, spa and fitness area.

The Okura Tokyo: Opening September 12, 2019
Previously known as Hotel Okura Tokyo, The Okura Tokyo will feature two main buildings: "The Okura Heritage Wing" and "The Okura Prestige Tower." With 17 floors, The Okura Heritage Wing focuses on a more traditional design and architecture, creating a serene and relaxing space colored with traditional beauty. At 41 floors, The Okura Prestige Tower follows a more modern approach while weaving in aspects of Japanese tradition and sensibility. Club Lounge, an exclusive lounge available to guests staying in the Heritage Wing or on Club Floors in the Prestige Tower, provides another showcase of luxury in the capital of Japan.

Aman Kyoto: Opening November 2019
Located at the site of the annual Hidari Daimonji fire ritual, Aman Kyoto will offer the perfect blend of relaxation and rejuvenation with the vibrancy of Japan's ancient Imperial capital. The hotel's latticed pavilions are a contemporary homage to the traditional Japanese ryokan inn, featuring minimalist geometry and an emphasis on the hotel's natural surroundings. Aman Kyoto's signature restaurant will showcase the unique culinary tradition of Japanese haute cuisine, making use of the finest hand-picked local produce. The Aman Spa will utilize traditional onsen bathing facilities along with a range of natural Japanese treatments utilizing herbs and spices, including Kyoto green tea, Tanba Kuromame black beans, local sake and cold-pressed Camellia oil.

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