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New York, NY … May 15, 2005 … On February 17, 2005 a new “destination” opened in Japan ? the Central Japan International Airport. Dubbed just “Centrair,” this new state-of-the art airport, built on 54 acres on a manmade Island in Ise Bay, is connected by rail and highway to the city of Nagoya (Japan’s 4th largest; population 2.15 million), by high-speed boat to Tsu City (gateway to Ise Jingu, Japan’s largest Shinto shrine) and by ferry to Toba (birthplace of Mikimoto cultured pearls).

The only airport in Japan that is half corporately owned (by companies such as Nagoya-area based Toyota Motor Corporation), Centrair is set to earn at least half of its revenue from non-airline activities. For example, even the day before opening, fifty weddings were already booked-in at the center of the airy, tree-lined glass enclosed terminal ? certainly convenient for friends and relatives who just happen to be “flying in” for the ceremony! Also booked months in advance is the airport’s exclusive Queen Alice & Turandot French-Chinese restaurant, where diners indulge in fine cuisine presented before the amber sunsets of Ise Bay.

In total, the airport boasts 130 shops and restaurants, including Japan’s largest duty-free store with 8,000 different items for sale! The airport’s two 200-room hotels include the upscale Centrair (, located physically in the airport, and the moderately-priced Comfort (, just 500 yards outside the terminal. In just one month after it opened Centrair had already received more than 900,000 passengers and an additional 2 million visitors.

But, these “visitors” (and arriving and departing passengers too) are doing more than looking, dining, and shopping. Possibly the most exciting Centrair experience is the bath. At 110 degrees Fahrenheit, you can enjoy steam rising up around you as you relax in the “onsen,” natural hot spring bath. This is not an unusual experience in Japan, a clean-loving, mountainous island nation containing one-tenth the world’s active volcanoes. But, what IS unique is the glass roof above you, with the spectacular view of planes landing and taking off! You are in Miya-no-Yu, the first Japanese-style onsen located in an airport! For a mere 900 yen (less than $9), you can enjoy a hot soak, Jacuzzi spa, jet bath, and plane viewing! (Who needs cable TV?) Just remember to soap up and rinse off before entering the tubs.

Other airport services include a 24-hour Citi-bank ATM (that will accept your US-based ATM card), nurseries and a children’s play area called “Kid’s Square” (located in the gate lounge, after security inspection), a Business Center (offering photocopying, faxing, bookbinding, conference room, interpretation and translation, digital data production and processing, mobile phone and PC rental, photography and digital camera print out services.), Wireless LAN and Internet terminals, Massage, Esthetics and resting rooms, a Health Clinic, Dental Clinic, Post Office, and police station “Koban”.

Advantages of Flying into Nagoya

Easy Connections to the World
Centrair now receives non-stop flights from North America on American Airlines (out of Chicago), Northwest Airlines (out of Detroit), United Airlines (out of San Francisco), Continental Airlines (out of Honolulu), and Air Canada (out of Vancouver).

Easy Connection to Aichi Expo 2005
Centrair is the gateway airport for the 2005 Aichi Expo (, the first World’s Fair of the 21st Century, taking place just outside Nagoya right now through September 25, 2005. Bring your family to explore its themes of Nature’s Wisdom, Global Harmony, and environmentally friendly high technology.

Easy Connections to the Heartland of Japan
Centrair is centrally located to major travel destinations in the heartland of Honshu. The Meitetsu Tokoname Express Line will whisk you from the airport to downtown Nagoya in 28 minutes for just 800 yen. Bus services to downtown Nagoya (1,000 yen), some Nagoya hotels (1,100 yen) and locations in Tokoname, East Aichi, Mie, Gifu, Nagano, Shizuoka, and Fukui (varying prices depending upon distance) are also available. Nagoya City is just 40 minutes by Shinkansen bullet train from Kyoto Station, 120 minutes by Shinkansen bullet train from Tokyo Station, 45 minutes by Express Train to Gifu City, 2 hours-20 minutes via the picturesque Mountain Express Train to the charming tourist city of Takayama, and 41 minutes to the Aichi Expo (via JR Chuo line and Linimo maglev train).

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