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The Visit Japan Campaign is proud to announce that the New York City Opera has chosen JAPAN as the location for its FIRST EVER O

New York, NY… On April 13, 2005, the New York City Opera will debut in Japan on its first-ever overseas performance tour. Serving as a U.S. Cultural Ambassador to the 2005 World Exposition Aichi, Japan ( ? the first World’s Fair of the 21st Century -- the internationally-renowned opera company will perform Little Woman and Madame Butterfly in Tokyo and Nagoya while the Expo is in full swing ( The World Expo, located on two connected sites just outside Nagoya City and linked to the city by the limino mag-lev train, opened on March 25, 2005 and runs through September 25, 2005.

In advance of and to promote EXPO and the New York City Opera’s historic Japan debut, the Special Fund for the New York City Opera will hold two celebratory performances in New York City. On April 13 (7:30 p.m.), Music Director George Manahan will conduct the company in Girl of the Golden West. On April 15 (8 p.m.), Atsushi Yamada, the New York City Opera’s first-even Japanese conductor will lead the company in Madame Butterfly. The April 13th performance will be preceded at 5 p.m. by a gala reception at Lincoln Center’s New York State Theater. At this reception, as well as immediately preceding the performances on both the 13th and 15th, visitors will be able to personally greet Kiccoro (spirit of the trees) and Morizo (spirit of the forest), the mascots for the Aichi Expo (

The EXPO’s theme is “Nature’s Wisdom,” where our modern science and technology help support and preserve mother earth. 120 countries and a an array of Japanese and international corporations have set up pavillions focusing on nature, the arts and innovation -- where robots play musical instruments (Toyota Pavillion), computers provide you with your own personal facial recognition scan (Mitsui Toshiba Pavillion), maglev trains speed you to your destination nearly as fast as a plane ride (Japan Railways Pavillion), energy-saving automobiles become reality (Toyota Pavillion), recycling is the norm (every pavillion) and Ben Franklin, the father of American Innovation, greets you on his 300th birthday, inroducing live feeds from the Mars Rover (USA Pavillion)

In regard to arts and cultural innovation, the New York City Opera is the sole representative of the American Classical Performing Arts within the broad array of cultural activities offered throughout Japan by EXPO. City Opera’s performances contrast and complement one another in that Little Women is a classic American novel familiar to the Japanese, while Madame Butterly is a tale familiar to Americans set in Meiji era Japan.

The performance schedule is as follows:
    May 19, 6:30 PM Little Women at the Koseinenkin Kaikan performing arts center, Tokyo
    May 22, 6:30 PM Madame Butterfly at the Koseinenkin Kaikan performing arts center, Tokyo
    May 26, 6:30 PM Madame Butterfly at the Aichi Prefectural Art Theater, Nagoya
    May 28, 2:00 PM Little Women at the Aichi Prefectural Art Theater, Nagoya

For Media: If you woul like to cover the performances of the Special Fund for the New York City Opera, advanced approval is required. Please contact Mr. Matthew R. Price (Executive Assistant, New York City Opera) at 212-870-6565 or

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