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Dish Magazine Sponsors an Unusual Pop Culture Trip To Tokyo: The World's Hippest City

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WHAT: Tokyo's dynamic art, fashion, music and club scene is truly amazing, and it's happening right now. Home to many of the world's most talented, renowned and respected artists in all areas-film, fashion, architecture, design, music, night life and conceptual art, the city breathes creativity and wild fashion and fun 24/7. In addition, Tokyo Design Block 2004, a 5-day world-wide and world-class festival of convergence brings literally hundreds of the most innovative artists in the world from all fields to show off their work and to party, party, party in Tokyo's Hottest neighborhoods, galleries, shops and clubs. It's happening during this trip, so you can be there, too! Tokyo is dramatic, exotic and exciting — but it's also extremely safe. There's no crime, no reason to be afraid, in Tokyo.

Forget museums and ancient culture — This is not your Grandma's guided tour! No buses, no strict agenda, no rushing around from here to there. It's an Insider's experience, inspired by Dish Magazine's Tokyo contributors, resident English speaking Writer/Experts who'll take you where they go-to the best and trendiest shops, and restaurants (including the ones that don't want to be found), on the back streets and by-ways of Tokyo's trendiest areas. You'll stay in futuristic hotels, with fabulous views from high floors, with great service and world class restaurants. You'll attend private cocktail parties and receptions, the one's that tourists can NEVER get invited to, and meet the people who make the city of Tokyo the fabulous place that it is. We'll introduce you to the best spas, and legendary Japanese beauty secrets, and the bars of the stars, where Japanese and American actors and musicians go to hang out and chill out. Get acquainted with the city you'll fall in love with on the far side of the world.

WHERE: Tokyo, Japan

WHEN: October 6-14, 2004

WHO: Women, Men and Couples of all ages who are fun-loving, adventurous but not too, who appreciate all that's exciting and unique when they travel!

WHY: Dish Magazine's Insider view of Tokyo cannot be duplicated! No one else offers an opportunity like this. It would take you months or years to find where we will take you, and see what we will show you, if you could find it at all. In addition, you'll meet other exciting, adventurous people like yourself. Make new friends, people you can hang out with in Tokyo and forever. You'll never forget this trip, and you can't find it anywhere else!

ONE MORE THING: If this trip is for you, just you, because no one you know can go with you, we'll try to hook you up with another single adventurer, to share the economies of a room for two. Of course, rooms are always available for single travelers with a supplemental fee.

AT LAST: Find out more at, tel. 615-313-8633

PRICE: Starting at $2995 per person

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