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Summer Specials in Kyoto


Summer Specials in Kyoto


New York, NY, May 21, 2013: Among the country with 4 distinctive seasons, Kyoto is known for muggy summer even among Japanese. However, the locals developed unique way to survive the hot weather, taking advantage of summer weather for comfortable and seasonal enjoyments. They remain in today's Kyoto as Kyoto's summer icons as well as timeless summer activities.


Star Festival in Kyoto:

The City of Kyoto implemented the Kyo-no Tanabata festival 2 years ago for releasing people from Kyoto's hot summer. As the temperature settle down into lower 80s after the sunset, the evening air allures people to outside. Stemmed from a Chinese summer festival, Tanabata is a Japanese traditional event that celebrates a day when a couple is allowed to see each other once a year. Hikoboshi and Orihime, the representing stars of Vega and Altair, are depicted as a women and a man, are separated by the Milky Way, and they are allowed to meet only on July 7 in the lunar calendar. The City of Kyoto started the special weekly event for Tanabata in 2011, illuminating the areas along the two rivers in the city with lanterns and bamboo decorations. Comparing to Hana-Touro, a winter event also with illuminations, Kyo-no Tanabata event allures people to outside in cooler evening air in the middle of summer.



Hop-on-Hop-off bus tour:

The city bus system is the most convenient and Tour buses are nothing new in any popular destination, but Kyoto has started a new hop-on hop-off bus tours. Starting on April 13, Kyoto World Heritage Tour Bus (a.k.a. Hiru Bus in Japanese) started hop-on hop-off operation around the city, taking visitors to six well-known World Heritage Sites as well as several other beautiful shrines and temples. The tour also provides passengers audio guides in English onboard, and bus stops are set up as close as possible to each tourist site. The tour is operated only on weekends and Japanese holidays, and the bus runs around once every hour, running a loop route starting and ending at Kyoto Station. Online reservation is available from anywhere. For more information, go to:


Get Around Kyoto with WiFi:

Kyoto's bus stop is also for hopping on the digital world: For a continuous tourism growth in the digital age, the City of Kyoto is expanding free internet connection. Responding to a recent survey result that says that the top demand from travelers for destinations is free internet access in public, the city announced the implementation of 630 hotspots across downtown Kyoto in the next few years. Not only the internet use is becoming more and more common as smart phone devices grow, Japanese society has recognized of efficiency and importance of internet access in the case of natural disasters that disrupt wired communication network systems. They have already installed 385 WiFi hotspots (297 bus stops, 78 Seven Eleven convenience stores, 3 subway stations, etc.), majority of which are at the bus stops for Kyoto City Bus. Although it is not unlimited service, the city's WiFi network facilitates quick use of internet for finding travel information and checking emails. For details and how to use, go to


Kyoto Convention Bureau Enhances Media Assistance Program for Qualified Media Writing About Kyoto City Tourism

Well aware of the power of the media, Kyoto Convention Bureau (KCB) is enhancing its international media support. This former political and current cultural capital of Japan has increased its budget to support editorial assignments covering Kyoto for qualified foreign media. Media with acceptable editorial assignments can apply for assistance directly from Kyoto's US Representative. The application will be assessed, and if approved, assistance may include the following: editorial consultation, appointment arrangements, local guide arrangements, land transportation cost coverage, accommodation cost negotiation, and special access to the places that are not usually open to public. Assistance does not include payment for meals or international airfare. Kyoto is excited at the possibility of more creative international media exposure through foreign journalists. For more details, contact Ms. Marian Goldberg (, tel. 347-559-MGMC), USA Representative, Kyoto City Tourism.

For more information contact:
Nori Akashi, Public Relations Manager

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