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New Hotels in Japan 2012

New Hotels in Japan 2012

New York, NY, October 26, 2011:Japan remains a top destination among the US travelers, and so does this for hotel industry. Some hotel openings are not in mainstream destinations such as Tokyo and Kyoto: Japan's Tourism in Japan is also opening more new destinations beyond major cities such as Tokyo and Kyoto.

The Tokyo Station Hotel

One of Tokyo's historic hotels will be reopened the doors soon. The Tokyo Station Hotel is in the historic brick Gothic building that was originally built in 1914, after a few years renovation under a grand restoration project of the Renaissance style architecture. With a very un-Japanese style, the building represents Japan's social and cultural globalization and modernization trend in the early 20th century. The hotel, occupying the total of 6 floors with the dome ceilings and English style décor, will be reopened on October 3, 2012. Among nearby large luxury hotels, The Tokyo Station Hotel serves with more retrospective elegant atmosphere with the turn of the century décor and the 21st century hospitality. The western window has the Imperial Palace in a distance, and literally just steps away from all major trains including the Bullet Train, this historic property is the new home for travelers exploring Tokyo's commercial center and beyond.

THE Kyoto Royal Park Hotel

A Japanese brand luxury hotel added the latest property in the award winning tourist destination of Kyoto. The Royal Park Hotel opened Royal Park Hotel THE Kyoto on October 8, 2011, along with another "THE Series" property in Fukuoka that was opened in July 2011. THE Series provides many "the only one" qualities: The most knowledgeable concierge, interior that presents local cultural elements in the utmost relaxation. The hotel chose the heart of the cultural center of Kyoto, surrounded by famous Gion district where traditional geisha dancers stroll, and historic cobble stone alleys with hidden restaurants. Find the contemporary luxury mixed into the historic city of Kyoto. ( Japanese only)


A Japanese luxury hotel developer Hoshinoya goes to Japan's beach paradise Okinawa in summer 2012. Along with their signature concept of "Authentic Japan with modern comfort," HOSHINOYA Okinawa welcomes guests with Okinawa's relaxing and rich tropical atmosphere. The 16 acres of property consists of traditional red-tile-roofed 48 villas with private garden, white coral sand paths, stop by a lookout terrace with the calm yet vivid colored Okinawa ocean view, and the oval shaped swimming pool representing traditional well that has provided the water of life to the island's people. Located on one of the remote island of Taketomi, HOSHINOYA Okinawa has the private paradise, Okinawa's rich culture and breathtaking nature.

Hoshino Resort KAI

Hoshino Resorts has also started a new brand "KAI," a series of fine ryokans (traditional Japanese style inn) with natural hot springs on October 1, 2011 ( With 4 historic ryokan properties in Tsugaru, Matsumoto, Izumo and Aso, Hoshino Resorts KAI offers authentic ryokan experience with modest yet exceptional hot springs and truly local culinary experience. At KAI properties, Hoshino Resorts guarantees compact and high-quality environment, the fundamental relaxation of hot springs and traditional ryokan hospitality, staff members are as detailed as butlers, and the KAI properties introduce each guest to regional uniqueness and culture. Hoshino Resorts is acquiring more properties into the KAI series in 2012 and years to come.

Okinawa Ritz Carlton

Another new sanctuary in Okinawa is the Ritz Carlton Hotel. The major international hotel company acquired Kise Bettei Hotel& Spa, an Okinawa style luxury resort offering the ancient Okinawa kingdom's royal hospitality, and reopens as The Ritz-Carlton, Okinawa in April 2012 (
). The property is accompanied by Kise Country Club for, which provides the guests relaxing activities in the tropical air, The Ritz-Carlton, Okinawa is the very first resort in Japan following two urban properties in Osaka and Tokyo.

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