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[JAPAN INFOCUS] Experience Okinawan Festivals this Summer and Autumn!

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Experience Okinawan Festivals this Summer and Autumn!

Dear Partners,

Greetings from JTB Global Marketing & Travel!
June, the month with the longest daylight hours of the year has come. Okinawa, Japan's southernmost prefecture made up of beautiful islands, does not only have beautiful beaches, but also very unique culture shaped by a long history. Today we are willing to share the latest news of Okinawa. Also, JTBGMT is ready to provide tour packages that will take your clients to the places where they can stay cool in the summer.



The monsoon season ends earliest in Okinawa, and the sea is most alluring at this time of the year. Although the magnificent beaches and blue skies are the main attractions, Okinawa has much more to offer. By virtue of its marvelous geographical position, it has very exotic history, culture and cuisines, and is the "Japan" that is nearby to many main cities in Asia. Today we are pleased to inform you of some hot topics of OKINAWA.



Message from our sales persons


Okinawa Office

Haisai! (It means "hello" in Okinawa's dialect)

JTBGMT Okinawa Office set up in April this year is currently operating with a total of 8 staffs. It was first established in 2008 within JTB Okinawa corp. as the sales section responsible for Japan tours. Every year the office serves many visitors coming from FIT, tour groups and also MICE, FAM trips, the media and cruises.

The Okinawa Office staffs wish to be of service to visitors when they visit Okinawa, where they will experience and enjoy a different aspect of Japan. We are looking forward to serving you.

KARATE & KOBUDO Worldwide Seminar

Okinawa Traditional KARATE & KOBUDO Worldwide Seminar, 14-19 July 2014
For enthusiasts of KARATE & KOBUDO, there is a hot event in Okinawa "The 2nd Okinawa Traditional KARATE & KOBUDO Worldwide Seminar,14-19 July 2014".

You can still make it on time now, for the registration, please refer to the official website. For travel arrangements such as accommodation and sightseeing, please do not hesitate to contact us


Recommended Night View of Japan
Don't ever think that nothing interesting after the cherry blossom season passed. Japan has many interesting things that foreign tourists can enjoy in any season. How about to enjoy night view as the temperature is possible to chill out outside during night time? I would like to introduce three of my favorite night view places that I had ever visited in Japan.



Do you want to take a day off from busy and populated Tokyo? 2-DAY TRAIN & HOTEL PACKAGE KARUIZAWA will be a possible answer for you! This package, at a discounted price, includes round-trip Shinkansen tickets from Tokyo to Karuizawa and 1 night in Karuizawa Prince Hotel. With the great nature in Karuizawa, for example Shiraito Falls will help you to have a relaxed time in Japan!


Do you want to go out of the cities and feel the nature in Japan? But you think it may cost too much? 2-DAY TRAIN & HOTEL PACKAGE TATEYAMA KUROBE can provide the experience of nature at a reasonable price! The Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route is one of the famous mountain sightseeing routes. The route includes a walking on Kurobe Dam which is the tallest dam in Japan.


Three new tour packages are now available to provide you more various choices of enjoying Japan! The new packages will take you to KAMIKOCHI, TATEYAMA-KUROBE ALPINE ROUTE, KUROBE GORGE, KANAZAWA, and TAKAYAMA. These places should be where you want to go if you want to see the breathtaking landscapes of surrounding mountains!


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