JAPAN Travel Newsletter Vol.72 December 2020
Meiji Shrine
New Year’s Holidays in Japan
Beginning with the New Year holidays, January is a good time to experience many aspects of Japanese culture with shrine visits and other events open to the public. It’s also a great time for winter sports and relaxing hot spring stays.
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Winter is the Perfect Time for Hot Springs
There’s nothing better than escaping into nature and enjoying a discrete onsen (hot spring) experience surrounded by trees, mountains and even the ocean. Enjoy the snow around you and the crisp weather on your skin at these secluded hot springs.
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Japan’s Winter Wonderland
Japan enjoys a heavy snowfall every winter because of its mountainous landscape. During the winter season, you can enjoy many snow festivals with ample support and effort from the local community.
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Virtual Tour
LIVE Virtual Tour to Hidden Treasures in Japan Series Vol.2 (December 11, 2020)
IACE Travel's next virtual tour takes you to a geographically unique island in Kagoshima. A Geography guide will show us a Japanese garden with breathtaking view of an active volcano and more.
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"Journey through Japan" Webinar (December 15, 2020)
At the onset of WWII in 1940, Vice Consul Chiune Sugihara issued thousands of transit visas from Lithuania to Japan, granting escape to safety for thousands of Jewish people. His act of compassion saved thousands of lives and has been celebrated worldwide by world leaders and descendants of the Jewish refugees he rescued. A visit to the Chiune Sugihara Memorial Hall in Gifu Prefecture is perhaps the perfect starting point to explore this story of courage and righteous humanity, as well as enjoy Japan’s restorative scenery, sights and experiences that nurture the human spirit. Join us for an evening of discussion and the sharing of experiences and travel ideas, covering popular tourist destinations and Jewish heritage locations.
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