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Featured HighlightEven among countries that enjoy four distinct seasons, Japan stands out as one of the few with panoramas that undergo striking transformations throughout the year. From the cherry blossoms in spring and constantly changing natural vistas to delicious seasonal treats, each season greets visitors with new and unexpected surprises.

Now we have a new feature to showcase the four seasons in Japan. Visit our website and discover the ultimate travel experience. No matter when you come to Japan, every visit promises to be as exciting and delightful as the first. Read More >>

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JAL New Direct Flight
from Boston to Tokyo
  TOKYO SKYTREE®   Finding No.1s in Japan

Starting April 22, 2012, Japan Airlines (JAL) will commence non-stop service from Boston Logan International Airport to Tokyo's Narita Airport, making flying to Tokyo and other Asian destinations more convenient than ever...
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On May 22, 2012, the tallest man-made tower in the world, and the world's second tallest structure, is scheduled to open. Appropriately named "TOKYO SKYTREE®", the 2,080 foot tall tower is the core of a huge commercial...
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Japan is host to a great number of positive superlatives; namely, the "best" this, the "finest" that, etc. We also find lots of words with - est stuck on the end...
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japan JAPAN

MLB Opening Game, March 28 – 29, 2012
Major League Baseball will open its 2012 season on March 28th-29th in Japan with two games between the Seattle Mariners (the "road" team) and the Oakland Athletics (the "home" team). Both of these teams are highly popular with Japanese baseball fans. This is the fourth season opener in Japan, and the first since the 2008 opener which was held at the Tokyo Dome, where this year's games will also take place... For More >>

Konpira Kabuki, April 5 - 22, 2012
To the delight of Kabuki devotees, a special Kabuki performance is held each spring at the Konpira Kabuki Theater in the town of Kotohira, Shikoku. The theater, originally built in 1835, is the oldest existing Kabuki theater in Japan. It was one of the most extravagant theaters, popular with actors and fans alike. The stage was close to the audience, so the latter were thrilled to be near their favorite actors... For More >>

Annular Solar Eclipse, May 21, 2012
On May 21, a partial solar eclipse, known as an annular solar eclipse, will take place in Japan. It will be visible in most of southern Japan, the first time since an annular solar eclipse was seen in Okinawa in 1987. An annular solar eclipse is one in which the moon passes between the earth and the sun, but the diameter of the moon appears to be smaller than the sun, resulting in most of the sun's light being blocked out, and only a thin ring-like light visible around the moon... For More >>

Sado - Island of Noh, June 2012
The island of Sado, Niigata is the sixth largest island of Japan. Considered to be fairly remote from the mainland, it used to be where many dissidents were exiled. Its claim to fame is not, however, for being a place of banishment, but rather that it is home to one-third of the Noh Theatre stages in all of Japan. Each year, the early summer brings the much anticipated Takigi Noh (Noh performed by firelight, or bonfire), which continues throughout the summer... For More >>

U.S. U.S

Japan Week
JAPAN WEEK, a 10-day celebration of Japanese food and culture, proving Japan as a premiere tourism destination will start March 1, 2012. New York City becomes the venue for a series of back-to-back Japan-related events. JAPAN WEEK promises to engender a deeper understanding of Japan and its people, particularly the resilience they have demonstrated as the one year anniversary of the devastating earthquake and tsunami approaches on March 11th. For More >>

New York Time Travel Show

Travel Trade: March 2, 2012
Open to the Public: March 3-4, 2012
Place: Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, New York.
Come visit our JAPAN booth (#157 in the Asia section) at the largest Travel Show in New York! Try on the Samurai Armor, and don't miss the chance to win a FREE TRIP to JAPAN through our raffle! For More >>


Cherry Blossom Symposium on Tourism

Date: March 23rd, 2012, 3pm-6pm
(Admission free. Registration required.
A reception to follow.)
Place: The Washington Post Conference Center, Washington, D.C. For More >>

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Special Tour Packages

United Vacations: Japan Discovery
(6days / 5nights) (From $1,719 per person (plus airfare))

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This tour visits Tokyo, Mt. Fuji and Kyoto. Combine this tour with our discounted airfare and save up to $50.00 per person when booked through JNTO's newsletter. Please use the promo code JNTO when booking at 1-888-288-7170. Reservation must be made by April 30, 2012. For more, visit here.

Delta Vacations: Japan World Heritage
(9days / 8nights) (from $2,999 per person (plus airfare))

Save $100 per person when booked through JNTO's newsletter!

This tour visits Tokyo, Nikko, Mt. Fuji and the UNESCO World Heritage sites in Takayama, Shirakawago, Kanazawa and Kyoto. This is really the ultimate tour of historic Japan. Combine this tour with our discounted airfare and save up to $100.00 per person when booked through JNTO's newsletter. Please use the promo code JNTO when booking at 1-888-288-8536. Reservation must be made by April 30, 2012. For more, visit here.

Artisans of Leisure: Family Tour of Japan
(8 days/7 nights, departs daily on a private basis) (From $12,070 per person)

A private lunch at a renowned tofu restaurant in Kyoto will be offered only for JNTO newsletter readers!

Japan is one of our favorite family destinations for luxury travelers. This private tour of Japan—the perfect combination of traditional Japanese culture and contemporary Japanese pop style—is sure to appeal to every family member. It features private cultural touring with your own guide and driver, accommodation in Japan's best luxury hotels and an exclusive ryokan (traditional inn), private airport transfers, first-class travel by shinkansen (bullet train), luggage transfers, and access to a wide range of unique activities that engage you in real Japanese culture. For more, please visit here.

Destination Japan / H. I. S.: Japan's Spring Beauty
(April 1-7, 2012) (From $1,999)

Spring is the arguably the most beautiful season to visit Japan. This 6 night Spring Tour tries to chase and catch the breathtaking scenery by hopping from Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Hiroshima, and Tokyo using Japan Rail system. The tour offers comfortable stays at Sheraton Hotels in every city. Although there is no assurance of viewing the cherry blossoms, we have chosen the best possible travel dates to enhance the experience of enjoying the blooming cherry blossoms, the epitome of Japan's Spring beauty. This package focuses on enjoyment of Japan's most precious season, culture, and foods - join us! For more, please visit here.

Airline Specials

Fly the brand new Boeing 787 Dreamliner to Tokyo! Earn Double AAdvantage Miles

American Airlines continues to open more doors to Asia. Working with fellow oneworld member Japan Airlines, it will launch nonstop service between Boston and Tokyo Narita on April 22, 2012 on the brand new Boeing 787 Dreamliner. In celebration of the new nonstop service on Japan Airlines between Boston and Tokyo Narita, earn AAdvantage double miles every time you fly the route on the new Boeing 787. This offer is valid for travel on purchased, published Business Class and select Economy Class fares from April 22, 2012 through June 30, 2012. For more, visit here.

Travel on a Shoestring - 100 Yen Shops

100 yen shops, which are comparable to the dollar shops in the United States, are found in every corner of Japan, in many different sizes and shapes, ranging from huge multi-storey department store types to small stores tucked away in the corners of shopping malls. Many non-Japanese are startled at the surprisingly good quality and large variety of the goods. Products typically found at 100 yen shops include tableware, kitchenware, gardenware, stationary, household goods and leisure goods.

There is a 5% consumption tax which brings the cost of each item to 105 yen, roughly one U.S. dollar per item. The reason that 100 yen shops can offer such a wide range of goods at this price is due to the fact that they purchase items in vast quantities from countries with low labor and manufacturing costs. Daiso, the market leader, operating over 2,000 stores domestically, and over 400 stores outside Japan, is a little different from its competitors because it doesn't buy closeout or factory second merchandise; rather, it purchases directly from manufacturers.

There are a few variations on the 100 yen theme. While most 100 yen shops don't carry food items, "Lawson Store 100" sells mainly 100 yen edibles; some Daiso shops began selling T-shirts and the like for 300 yen, and one of their competitors has opened Shop 99, which sells items for 99 yen.

100 yen shops are great for helping you stick to your budget for everyday items, for souvenirs, for whatever you need! Come on in – you'll be amazed at what you'll find!

For more information, visit


Quiz: Where in Japan?

What is the name of the Island of Noh where one-third of the Noh Theater stages in all of Japan are located?

Hint: It is a remote island in Niigata, where many dissidents were exiled. Also check here!

Prize: 3 Lucky Winners will be chosen from among all correct answers submitted to receive a hand-made notebook made from high quality Japanese paper known as Echizen Washi.

How to enter: You can enter by March 31, 2012, at

Useful Japanese Vocabulary: Shochu

Shochu is a distilled liquor, and it is the other indigenous alcoholic beverage of Japan. While it can be made from rice, like sake, it can also be made from several different raw materials, including sweet potatoes, buckwheat, barley, and sometimes even brown sugar and chestnuts. The alcoholic content hovers around 25%, but can reach 42% or more. Generally speaking, shochu has a stronger flavor and aroma than sake, but depending on the ingredients, and the type of distillation process, this can vary greatly.

Shochu, unlike sake which needs cooler temperatures for brewing, can be distilled in warmer areas. Kyushu is the center of production, and Kagoshima, near the southwestern tip of Kyushu, is considered shochu's traditional home; it is best known for its own inimitable imo-shochu, or shochu made from sweet potatoes.

Editor's Note

As you are a fan of Japan, you may know that we have a cherry blooming forecast, which came out early this month for the year 2012. Maybe you can tell how much we are waiting for it! It is no doubt the most charming and exciting time of the year.

Before cherry blossoms start blooming in Japan, there will be a bunch of events and promotions in the U.S. related to cherry blossoms, a symbol of long-time friendship between the two countries. If you are residents of either New York City or Washington D.C., why not double-check the events in the U.S. corner?

We hope that many of you will join and enjoy those once-in-a-century events!

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