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As we informed you in the last newsletter, Japan has redesigned its campaign logo and added a new tagline: "Japan. Endless Discovery." Taking advantage of this opportunity, JNTO is holding a new sweepstakes, in which one lucky winner will receive one Continental Airlines free air ticket to Tokyo and four other winners will each receive a $100 discount certificate for airfare to Japan from IACE Travel. The sweepstakes will close on June 30th at 11:59:59 PM ET. Go to the online entry page! >> http://www.japantravelinfo.com/sweepstakes/

No.1 Asian Destination   Bullet Train routes   New Nonstop Flight Routes

Tokyo was named the number one Asian destination by TripAdvisor, the globally respected consumer-based travel guide website. Their latest Travelers' Choice Awards 2010 chose Tokyo for the number 1 destination in its Top 25 Destinations in Asia due to its energetic urban culture, art and design, high-level culinary experiences and exceptional public safety.


Bullet train service will be extended to the Tohoku region (December 2010) and also to Kyushu (Spring 2011). Tohoku Shinkansen services will be extended to the city of Aomori (Shin-Aomori station) in December with the opening of approximately 80-kilometer section of track in northeastern Japan. This enables you to travel to the historical castle town of Hirosaki much easier, with just another half hour train ride from Shin-Aomori station.
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Upon completion of its forth runway in October of 2010, Tokyo International Airport (HND), widely known as Haneda Airport, will begin serving regular international flights. Major downtown areas in Tokyo can be reached within 20-40 minutes by train or Airport Limousine Bus. Beginning this fall, Japan Airlines, ANA (All Nippon Airways), Delta Air Lines, American Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines are scheduled to operate daily to Haneda.
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Samurai in New York
In celebrating the 150th anniversary of the first Japanese diplomatic mission to the United States, many events will be held in New York to commemorate the historic birth of ties between the people of Japan and the Big Apple. The events include exhibitions and a concert at the Museum of the City of New York. For the event schedule >>


Letís Climb Mt. Fuji!

Mt. Fuji is one of Japan's icons for its perfect shape and snow-capped peak. Many visitors to Japan enjoy the view from the Hakone or Fuji-Goko (five lakes) areas. But have you ever thought of climbing it? Actually, it being a relatively easy climb, everyone from young kids to senior citizens can enjoy the experience. It takes about 6 hours to ascend and 3-4 hours to descend, originating from the 5th Station base point which you can reach by car or bus. When I say "relatively easy", I do not mean it is not hard. You do not need special mountaineering knowledge or techniques, but you do need average physical strength and endurance.

A Father and Sonís Bike Adventure Across Japan Ė Part 3: Culture and Nature

The ride was full of many stimulating cultural experiences. We visited Nibutani, a comfortable village with a large population of Ainu, Hokkaido's indigenous inhabitants. Many place names in Hokkaido are derived from the Ainu language, like "Sapporo", which means "dry, large river." We ate deer meat miso soup and sweet dango with some friendly locals who invited us to join them at an Ainu restaurant in Nibutani, and the proprietor gave us a place to stay in her guest room. The room doubled as a work studio for the matriarch of the family, who used a sleek, wooden traditional Ainu device to weave strips of Elm tree bark into rolls of material that she sold to a kimono store in Kyoto.

Quiz: Where in Japan?

Quiz: What is the name of this place?

Hint: It is the name of a peninsula as well as of a national park.
It is located in Hokkaido, the northernmost of Japan's four major islands, and is one of the best eco-tourism destinations.
Here you can take a hike, witness a wild variety of wildlife and enjoy natural hot springs.
It is listed in our 2010 checklist. www.japantravelinfo.com/2010

Prize: Five lucky winners will be chosen from among all correct answers submitted to receive "Japan. Endless Discovery." chopsticks.

How to enter: You can enter from June 11 to July 5, 2010.

Let's review the last quiz. The answer to last issue's quiz is Takadanobaba Station. Out of 77 replies, 73 (95%!) had the correct answer!

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