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Most Relaxing Vacation on Kyushu Island

For those looking for a trip promising complete relaxation, beloved Kyushu is the perfect destination. Kyushu’s islands offer abundant nature, hot springs and much more. No doubt you can unplug your mind & body while enjoying unique adventure that Kyushu has to offer.

Here are some insights into Kyushu to help you relax and unwind.


Hot Springs Heaven

Kyushu is one of best hot spring destinations in Japan. Many travelers relax and spoil themselves experiencing natural hot springs while embracing nature.



Sunamushi Onsen (or hot sand baths) in the city of Ibusuki on the southern tip of Kyushu island, is a laid-back seaside resort famous for luxurious open-air hot sand baths, both unique and therapeutic. Practiced for centuries, this relaxing and detoxifying ritual has been pleasing visitors who can immerse in the warm sands of Kagoshima Bay beaches. Ibusuki’s deluxe Ibusuki Hakusuikan hotel has its own sand spa and pampers guests with spacious rooms, ocean views and tranquil gardens.


hot springs


Beppu Onsen offers charming hot springs in the heart of the Oita prefecture, whose number of hot spring wells and hot water yield is the largest in Japan. Eight hot spring villages in Beppu city comprise 10% of the hot spring wells across the entirety of Japan. You can try a variety of styles of hot springs such as an open-air bath, steamed bath (sauna) and bathing in old traditional wooden houses.




In the Oita prefecture is the Spa town of Yufuin situated at the base of beautiful Mt. Yufudake. Its tranquil mountains and plentiful flow of warm therapeutic natural spring water has long attracted writers, artists and wellness-seekers coming to visit the region. It is one of the top hot spring resorts in Japan. There are a variety of places that offer a range of lodging from family-friendly hotels to luxurious first-class accommodations.

For more information about Ibusuki Hakusuikan, please visit here.

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Energize in abundant nature

Kyushu is a place rich in nature with an enticing beauty drawn to truly empower you. Wild waterfalls, trekking courses through dense forests, giant stumps and ancient cedar trees all offer a relaxing holiday escape with nature.



Yakushima is an island in the Kagoshima prefecture approximately 2-3 hours from Kagoshima port by ferry. It is renowned as one of Japan's deepest forests with trees ranging from 2,700 to 4,000 years old that create a peaceful and secluded escape. As one of Japan’s treasured World Heritage Sites, Yakushima’s ancient forest and temperate climate make the island a perfect vacation gateway.


TakachihoTakachiho Gorge is located in the northwestern part of the Miyazaki prefecture, in the center of the Kyushu Mountains. Steep V shaped gorges were unfolded naturally by rapid cooling of an ancient lava flow that filled the valley of the Gokase River. A boat ride is a perfect way to explore the gorge. Once you are in the heart of the gorge, enjoy the scenes of dynamic landscapes and spectacular waterfalls.

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