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Cultural Craftsmanship - Japanese Tableware

Wakasa nuri

The aesthetics of Japanese tableware are fascinating and mysterious. There are many types of Japanese tableware that depict traditional Japanese culture in their designs. The combination of food and tableware blend to create the singularly unique Japanese cuisine experience. As the seasons change, food ingredients change. Many chefs then change their tableware accordingly. Discover the beauty of Japanese craftmanship featured in the tableware at the places you visit in Japan.

Japan offers a long and beautiful history of art in its pottery, including earthenware, stoneware and porcelain. The different types are associated by the name of the location where they were originally made such as Arita, Imari and Bizen. The style and glaze also distinguish one type from another.


You can also find extravagant and beautiful art work ornately featured in Japanese hashi (chopsticks). In the southern part of the Fukui prefecture in the Wakasa region, Wakasa lacquerware chopsticks continue to be produced following a rich 400-year history. A single pair of chopsticks takes many months to create due to the elegant and painstaking traditional process – many layers are applied, dried, carved and polished to perfection. Additionally, Wakasa lacquerware is renowned for its integration of eggshell, gold leaf, seashells and pine needles into the designs. They are designed to be both beautiful and functional so the pair will be a part of your special cutlery.

Many Japanese tableware items are very popular in a western style table setting as well as a traditional Japanese setting. Enjoy creating your unique own style!

For more information about Aria and Imari area (Saga Prefecture), visit here.

For more information about Bizen area (Okayama Prefecture), visit here.

For more information about Wakasa lacquerware in Fukui, visit here.

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