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Discover Japan's Great Local Beers and Breweries

Discover Japan through a local beer brewery tour. Japanese love beer and Japan is a great beer producer. Sake is a local specialty and travelers commonly try out local sake during the trip. Why don't you check out the best local beer across Japan in your next trip! No doubt the experience will be memorable and special.



Sapporo Beer Museum


If you are in Hokkaido, you must visit the Hokkaido Brewery by Sapporo Beer in Eniwa city. Sapporo beer is one of the biggest beer brands in Japan. They cultivate barley and hops together with local farmers to source the finest local ingredients. The Hokkaido brewery features a host of high technology production facilities. Free tours, requiring a reservation are available several times a day and include beer tasting. The Sapporo Beer Museum in Sapporo city unveils the history of Sapporo beer and Japanese beer culture. There is a restaurant where you can enjoy the freshest draft beer and Genghis Khan style BBQ lamb. Sapporo city also offers the famous world class Sapporo Snow Festival, annually held in February. While there, don’t miss out on the famous Sapporo ramen.

Sapporo Snow Festival


For more information about the Hokkaido Brewery, please visit here.
For more information about the Sapporo Beer Museum, please visit here.



Mount Yotei, Niseko


If you are in Niseko, the world-famous ski village in Hokkaido, stop at the Niseko Brewing Company. Niseko Brewing offer various unique local beers that use local bonito as a flavor. They also use grapes and pumpkin to produce great fruit beer. A restaurant is located upstairs and they serve fabulous meals using fresh local ingredients together with Niseko Beer. Enjoy the beautiful panorama of the surrounding Niseko mountains from the restaurant.

For more information about Niseko Brewing Company, please visit here.



Kyoto beer

inari Japan's former capital Kyoto also offers fresh local beer. In 1995, Kizakura, a famous major sake brewery company located in Fushimi, Kyoto, became one of the first local beer manufacturers in Kyoto. They make many local beers taking advantage of sake brewing technology. Fushimi's exquisite water, used for sake preparation, is also used for the beer brewing. Kizakura's restaurant is renowned as a theme park featuring local beer and sake and indeed a great spot to rest after a long walk. They offer a variety of menus including sushi and original sausages. After being recharged at the restaurant, a picturesque shrine with over 1300 years history called Fushimi Inari Taisya is located nearby to explore.

For more information about Fushimi area in Kyoto, please visit here.



You can try numerous kinds of local beers in Kyushu. In the southern part of Kyusyu island in the Miyazaki prefecture, try out Kirishima Beer at the Kirinokura Brewery in Ebino area. The region is famous for spirits distilled from sweet potatoes and Kirishima is a very famous brand. Kirishima started to produce its beer over 100 years' ago and utilize high-quality natural spring water from Mount Kirishima in their production. The restaurant on site offers fresh Kirishima beer and meals using local ingredients. The brewery is located within the Kirishima Factory Garden. Take a factory tour of the distillery or enjoy fresh bread with mash ingredients made from the process of producing spirits at Kirinokura bakery.

For more information about Ebino area, please visit here.
For more information about Kirishima Beer, visit here. (Japanese Only)

takachihoAfter exploring the natural beauty of the Takachiho Gorge in Miyazaki, head east by driving to Nobeoka city to taste Hideji Beer. Hideji Beer is brewed at the foot of Mt. Mukabaki in a national park within the prefecture of Miyazaki. Using self-cultured fresh yeast and high quality natural spring water, Hideji Beer brews various tasty beers. They have won a number of beer competitions, and use local special fruits like Yuzu citrus to support local farmers. Many of the tasty beers from Hideji can be enjoyed in two excellent bistros in Nobeoka City in Miyazaki. Try summer-limited beer such as Miyazaki Mango Beer and enjoy the natural flavor of local Mango blended into a lager style beer. For more information about Hideji Beer, please visit here.

For more information about Hideji Beer, please visit here.

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