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The Charming Small Town of Onomichi

Situated in the Southeastern part of Hiroshima, Onomichi faces the Seto Inland Sea and offers a mild southern climate. The town has prospered as a hub for marine traffic since ancient times. Crowded with a vast number of historical temples, Onomichi is a town of cultural heritage. Take a stroll on its narrow paths to step back in time or rent a bike to discover the small islands. In this charming small town, there are many things to see and do.


Take the Mt. Senkoji cable car near Onomichi station to visit Senkoji Temple located halfway up Mt. Taihozan. The temple is in a prime location, overlooking dotted islands on the Seto Inland Sea with the backdrop of the mountainous landscape of Shikoku Island. The temple’s main sanctuary is called Red Hall. The hidden statue of an enshrined Deity of Mercy is unveiled once every 33 years. The temple is well-known as one of the top cherry blossom viewing spots in Hiroshima. A hotel close to the top of the mountain offers a delicious course menu using local seafood. From the relaxing spa, treat yourself to a panoramic view of Onomichi town and the Seto Inland Sea.

For more information about Onomichi, please visit here.


Onomichi is the gate to several magnificent structural bridges lined with an expressway called Setouchi Shimanami-Kaido connecting the Main Island and Shikoku Island. There is approximately 40 miles of splendid road and bridges, which span across six small islands in the Seto Inland Sea. The expressway offers beautiful scenery, features pedestrian lanes, and is famous as one of the most beautiful cycling routes in the world. There are a number of rental terminals to hire bikes on the route. Stop at each one of the small islands and discover all sorts of local experiences like shrines, spas, castles, and charcoal BBQ seafood. Observe the well-known whirling currents from the islands coastline.

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Denim Craftsmanship

The quality of denim fabric produced in the region is undoubtedly world class. Onomichi Denim Project is a unique project aimed at connecting Onomichi with the world through a pair of denim pants made by Onomichi's Craftsman. In the first phase, approximately 270 locals received two pairs of manufactured denim pants. Each person had to wear them for a week and then return to the workshop to wash and then wear again. They continued this cycle for a year producing realistic used denim jeans. These are on sale in stores in Onomichi. In the second phase, anyone can partake by purchasing participation rights and the denim pants. Stamped on the denim is a serial number, wear for one year and then return the denim for evaluation and a re-sale price. Once sold 70% of the purchase price will go to the owner.

For more information about Onomichi Denim Project, please visit here. (Japanese website)

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