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Wagyu - Japanese Beef


Japanese summers are often hot and humid. In such weather, it’s easy to lose your appetite, a condition known as "natsu bate" - summer fatigue. That's why so much of Japanese summer cuisine is designed to coax the appetite of even the most reluctant diner. Some of the best Japanese summer dishes feature wagyu, Japanese beef.

Imagine, if you will, slices of exquisitely marbled beef laid carefully on a grill over dancing flames. Give them a brief grilling over the charcoal, then a quick splash in BBQ sauce. The tender meat will melt in your mouth. No matter how hot and humid the weather, few can resist this treat. Of course, there are other ways to enjoy wagyu, like sukiyaki or shabu shabu, traditional Japanese hotpot dishes, or even comforting home-style dishes like nikujaga, beef with potatoes.


Nikujaga   Sukiyaki


Such tasty beef does not come from just any cow. Wagyu are pedigreed animals with family trees that go back generations. This pedigree system ensures not just high quality and good taste, but safety as well. Every cow is meticulously documented with an I.D. that remains with the cow from birth until after processing--one might say from stable to table. The wagyu mark is proof of it being authentic domestic Japanese beef. It ensures the wagyu comes from verified trusted producers, has been strictly graded and has the highest level of traceability. You can be assured of safety and good taste in every bite.

What makes wagyu special? Wagyu are Japanese breeds of cows, mostly Japanese Black. They are fed a special diet of healthy grains and rice straw. But it seems that even cows can lose their appetites in the summer, and so they are fed beer and sake to induce them to eat during the summer months. The cows also receive massages to relieve muscle stress.

Not only is wagyu is known for its distinctive "shimofuri" high quality fat marbling which makes every bite marvelously flavorful, tender and juicy, wagyu also has a higher omega 3 and omega 6 content than normal beef. Notably famous brands are Kobe, Matsuzaka, Omi and Yonezawa.

So the next time you feel in need of a stamina boost this summer, think of enjoying some wagyu. Your body—and your mouth---will thank you.

For more information on Wagyu cuisine, visit here.

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