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The most iconic character in the X-Men universe must battle samurai, Yakuza gangsters, ninja, and even his inner demons in The Wolverine, a new movie based on the celebrated Marvel comic book arc and set in modern-day Japan.

Logan (Hugh Jackman), the century-old mutant known as the Wolverine because of his keen senses, retractable claws, and the ability to heal quickly and delay the aging process, is finding it difficult to find a reason to live when he's lured back to a Japan he hasn't seen since World War II.

Suffering from the loss of everyone he's ever loved due to his long life, he's offered the chance to become mortal and end the curse of eternity. But there's a price to be paid for mortality, forcing Logan to channel his inner rage as he fights through a maze of betrayal, love and honor.

"This story takes The Wolverine into a world that is vastly different from any seen before in the X-Men series," says Hugh Jackman, who is also a producer on the film. "There are a lot of battles in this story, but the greatest battle of all is the one within Logan between being a monster and a becoming a human being."

Logan's conflicted character is also so perfectly mirrored by Tokyo's surreal atmosphere contrasted sharply with the serenity of rural Japan, Director James Mangold was committed to shooting there right from the start.

"Japan is like no other country in the world," says the director. "By shooting there, we were able to really get the vision of the landscapes, of the architecture. And we were also able to capture something not often seen in movies: rural Japan. We think of Japan mainly as Tokyo or Osaka, but there are some of the most beautiful wild lands and tropical islands in the hinterlands. Both the bustle of the city and the incredible Zen of these beautiful lush forests had a huge effect on us. The chance to be in these places really inspired the filmmaking for everyone."

Japan's closely-knit society also plays a role in the movie, as Logan, the ultimate loner, learns about betrayal and trust.

"Japan is a fairly insular society with a very strong sense of its own culture and history, so Logan is really a stranger in this strange new world," observes Jackman. "He learns about the Samurai code, the training and the honor system. He starts to gain respect for the warrior idea, for the sense of service that they have. And he starts to become the better version of himself."

The Wolverine, which weaves a compelling story of Logan's transformation against a backdrop of Japanese scenery and society, is scheduled to be in theaters throughout the US on July 26, 2013.

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