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On May 22, 2012, the tallest man-made tower in the world, and the world's second tallest structure, is scheduled to open. Appropriately named "TOKYO SKYTREE®", the 2,080 foot tall tower is the core of a huge commercial development that is located in the heart of historic downtown Tokyo, near Asakusa, a major international tourism area. It lies equidistant from Narihirabashi Station and Oshiage Station, where it artfully juxtaposes breathtakingly futuristic design, cutting edge architecture and technology, safety and energy efficiency with classical Japanese aesthetics.

The main purpose of the tower is to provide complete digital terrestrial television and radio coverage from a height of 2,080 feet. The current broadcasting tower, Tokyo Tower (a historical landmark in its own right), at a height of only 1,093 feet, can no longer do so, surrounded as it is by a sea of high rise buildings.

The appearance of the TOKYO SKYTREE® is marvelously unique; a cross-section reveals an equilateral triangle at the base, which gradually rounds to a circle midway up the tower. The exterior color is called aijiro, (white with the palest hint of indigo) which is based on a traditional Japanese color. The exterior is also illuminated with alternating patterns of eco-friendly LED lights which provide optimal energy efficiency. The patterns created by the lights alternate between two ancient Japanese aesthetics-iki, or "Japanese chic" and miyabi, which may be translated as "traditional elegance". The tower also has the most modern seismic proofing available, making it unrivaled in structural safety.

At the foot of the tower "TOKYO Solamachi", will house commercial and office facilities. General goods stores, fashion boutiques, cafes and food courts will be located from the 1st to 7th floors. The 8th through 29th floors will be used for office space, and the 30th and 31st floors are where the dining restaurants are located. An aquarium housed on the 5th through 6th floors and a planetarium located on the 7th floor round out the building.

It is only in a metropolis such as Tokyo that we can encounter this seamless blend of future and tradition, idealism and pragmatism.

Visitors will be allowed in by reservation only for the first month and a half after the tower opens. Reservations will be taken from March 22nd.

For more information, visit here.

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