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Universal Studios Japan's 10th Anniversary Events "Happy Surprises on the Greatest Scale in History of the Park"

Universal Studios Japan's 10th Anniversary Events
To Be Filled with Happy Surprises on the Greatest Scale in Its History!


― Under the Theme "Happy Surprises beyond Your Expectation and Imagination,"
the Park Will Hold Exciting Seasonal Events Including a Special Event,
"Dreams Are Universal," during Its 10th Anniversary Event Period―
September 9 (Thursday), 2010


Universal Studios Japan will commemorate its 10th anniversary on Thursday, March 31, 2011, thanks to your continued support and cooperation. Under the theme "Happy Surprises on the Greatest Scale in History of the Park", we will offer an ongoing series of world-class entertainments from March 3 (Thu) to April 8 (Sun), 2012. Enjoy the 10th anniversary events which you can experience only here at the Park, filled with festive atmosphere.

Happy surprises happening one after another!

(c) 2010 Sesame Workshop. (c) 2010 Peanuts (c) '76, '10 SANRIO APPROVAL NO. EJ0070701TM & (c) 2010 MGM. BEETLEJUICE: TM & (c) Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. (s10) TM & (c) 2010 Marvel. TM & (c) Walter Lantz Productions, LLC.(c) & (c) Universal Studios. All rights reserved.
During the 10th anniversary event period, popular characters, entertainers and crew members will offer you various unexpected happy programs full of surprises one after another, anytime, anywhere in the Park. For example, you may encounter a musical performance at a place where you would never have expected it to happen. Perhaps you may notice a dinosaur walking beside you, or may be taken aback by some trick art(Trompe-l'oeil, art works using optical illusions). Such delightful surprises beyond your imagination will make you happy and you will smile a big smile.
* Contents of the abovementioned plans may be subject to change.


The grand opening of the 10th anniversary entertainments will begin with "Dreams Are Universal," a special outdoor show held on the greatest scale in the history of the Park. The event will be held on a special outdoor stage, featuring the Universal Globe, a symbol of the Park. On the stage set in New York Area, a heartwarming story of family dreams will be performed by popular characters of the Park such as Elmo, Snoopy, Hello Kitty and a total of 90 entertainers. "Dreams Are Universal," a special show performed for limited period only, will be scheduled from March 3, 2011 to January 9, 2012.

In addition to "Dreams Are Universal," during the 10th anniversary event period the Park will hold upgraded versions of annual seasonal events. Examples of these events filled with happy surprises include "The ‘Coolest' Summer" (July 7 to August 31, 2011), "Exciting Halloween" (early September to early November, 2011), 10th Anniversary versions of new Christmas events (early November, 2011 to early January, 2012) and the Countdown to celebrate New Year. In addition, we are planning to hold a celebration program that is suitable for the grand finale of a sequence of the 10th anniversary events in spring 2012.
* The abovementioned schedule may be subject to change.

(c) 2010 Peanuts Worldwide LLC (c) 2010 Sesame Workshop. (c)’76, ' 10 SANRIO APPROVAL NO. EJ0062201TM & (c) 2010 MGM. All Rights Reserved.

Moreover, we are planning diversified programs and promotions filled with happy surprises to enliven the festive mood of the 10th anniversary in and out of the Park. The details of such programs, etc. will be announced in series as soon as they are determined. As an example of the programs, in October, 2010 we will open a social media platform, "WE ARE USJ, " through which staff members of the Park and USJ fans can both interact to communicate Park information, etc. via Twitter and a blog. Furthermore, we will open a special site on our official website to disseminate the most up-to-date information on the 10th anniversary events in late January 2011.

Universal Studios Japan will offer you the happiest feelings and unexpected excitement you have ever experienced, enhancing emotional connections with you, thereby aiming to make the Park even more beloved.

Universal Wonder Christmas
9 November 2010~10 January 2011
The tallest 36m Christmas Tree in Japan & the finale of the Big E Award
winning show "The Gift of Angels"
Lapland, Finland officially recognized Santa Claus makes his long way
from Santa Claus Village to the Park!

Universal Studios Japan® is going to launch its annual winter seasonal event “Universal Wonder Christmas” for 63 days during the period between 9 November 2010 (Tue) and 10 January 2010 (Tue). The 36m tallest Christmas tree in Japan- “Universal Super Christmas Tree” has amazed more than 9 million people since it first displayed in the park in 2004. Romantic night show “The Gift of Angels”, which has been extremely favorably reviewed since its first performance in 2008, will have its finale performance this year. Furthermore, as a new project this year, the Lapland, Finland officially recognized Santa Claus will make his long way from Santa Claus village to the Park. He will stay in the Park during the Christmas event period to share with everyone an unforgettable Christmas moment.

Spend a day with your precious one in the Park filled with Christmas atmosphere. The experience in the Park will leave you an everlasting unforgettable memory.

The dazzling Christmas tree and the Big E Award (Most renowned global award for the theme park industry) winning Romantic Night Show "The Gift of Angels" finale!! Don’t miss the heart-warming touching moment.

The heart-warming romantic night show "The gift of Angels" adopted the latest projection technologies to reproduce the Paris Street on a 16 M x 48 M wall in the Park New York area. On this grand stage of “Paris”, a romantic love story unfolds. The climax of the show comes when the tallest Christmas tree in Japan “Universal Super Christmas Tree”, 36m in height, lights up and integrates with the pyrotechnic (special firework for performance), and surrounds the guests with interwoven audio, illumination and image effects. The show will bring a heart-warming touching moment to every Park guest.
*"Universal Super Christmas Tree" is the tallest artificially built stand-up style Christmas tree in Japan. The survey result is concluded from the publicized information on stand-up style Christmas tree located at 43 Japan main facilities/ organizations.(28 July 2010 survey)

"The Gift of Angels" won the 2009 Big E Award (Best Overall Production (More than $2 million) organized by the entertainment industry association IAAPA which owns more than 4000 theme park and regular amusement organization members. This show is acknowledged worldwide for its excellence in storyline, entertainers' quality, design, technology and creativity. This year will be this Christmas show finale. Don't miss the chance to experience the heart-warming moment brought by "The Gift of Angels. "

Overview on "The Gift of Angels"

Period: 9 November 2010 (Tue) to 10 January 2011 (Mon)
No. of Entertainer: approx. 50
Venue: New York Area, in front of the Terminator 2:3-D
Frequency: 1 time per day (scheduled) * Subject to changes or cancellation depending on climate condition
Performing Time: After Sunset
Duration: approx. 20min
Contents: On the grand stage setting of "Louvre Museum in Paris", Andrew and Melissa are secretly attracted to each other but neither side has the courage to express their feelings for each other. After the angel painting exhibition on the Christmas night, a miracle from angels dawned on them. The moving story, beautifully lit-up Christmas tree, entertainers, images and the angel-shaped confetti all combined together to create a scene of 1000 angels dawning onto two people at their love confessing moment. This show will surround the guests in a blissful atmosphere. At the ending moment of the show, you will feel being closer to your precious one.

Santa Claus makes his long way from Santa Claus Village to the Park!

As a memorial of "The Gift of Angels" and "Universal Super Christmas Tree" finale, The Lapland, Finland officially recognized Santa Claus will come his long way from Santa Claus Village to Universal Studios Japan. Santa Claus will stay in the Park during Christmas event period, welcoming and greeting the guests. He will also take pictures with the guests. Let's come to the Park and spend a joyful day with Santa Claus. (Picture on the right: Taken at Santa Claus Village)


Painting the whole studios in Christmas color by the integrating effects of light, music and decoration.

During the Christmas period, starting with the tallest Christmas tree in Japan "Universal Super Christmas Tree", the main street that stretches from entrance straight to the tree (approx. 360m) and its surrounding areas will become "Light Promenade". The gorgeous decoration and music wrap the whole park in Christmas atmosphere. The entrance gate will be decorated with a 5m grand wreath, and the Hollywood area will be decorated with canopy lit up in green color as well as other Christmas decoration to welcome our guest into the Park. Furthermore, there will be special street performances during the Christmas event period. Christmas-limited special menu and merchandise will also be available.

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