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New Gateway to Tokyo

Upon completion of the fourth runway on October 21, 2010, Tokyo International Airport (HND), known as Haneda Airport, will serve regular international flights. The airport is located within Tokyo, and it only takes 13 minutes by train to reach the downtown area of Tokyo.

Getting to and from Haneda by Train

Tokyo Monorail runs every 3 to 5 minutes, and the station platform is connected by the elevator going down to departure and arrival floors. The monorail's city station is Hamamatsu-cho, one of the stops on Tokyo's main train loop, the Yamanote Line.

The Keikyu Line also directly serves Haneda's new international terminal building. The Keikyu Line station platform is in the basement of the terminal building, and the elevator takes you to both arrival and departure floors from the station level. The Keikyu Line connects the airport to Shinagawa station on Yamanote Line.

Thanks to Haneda's close proximity to the center of Tokyo, ground transportation such as the airport bus and taxi rides are also convenient if you have a handful of luggage. Tokyo's several taxi companies are resetting a new flat rate around 6,000 yen (approximately $68) to major destinations in city center such as Shinjuku and Shibuya, which is 20 to 30% less than the average rate for the same distance.

New International Terminal

The new Haneda terminal will be more than just a terminal to pass through. Structural innovation is everywhere, including floor to ceiling glass window that brings in a lot of natural light and chic yet functional bathrooms. On the rooftop of the 5-story terminal building is the observation deck with 270 degree panorama of the runways. Shopping will be one of the primary forms of entertainment in the terminal: The Edo style (the old Tokyo style) shopping façade has retro-style café, well-known ramen restaurants and more. The terminal also houses a futuristic pop culture arcade with a unique planetarium café that entertains customers with magnificent space shows of 40 million stars. Most tenants, particularly food courts and lounges, have generous business hours. Lastly, relaxation facilities such as showers and nap rooms have been provided, particularly for early morning and late night for travelers who come to the new international terminal, which will be operating 24/7.

New Routes between US & Haneda

<Japan Airlines>San Francisco and Honolulu, from October 31st 2010
HNL 5:55pm – HND 10:00pm next day, HND 10:30pm-HNL 10:45am
SFO 5:50pm* – HND 10:35pm next day, HND 0:50am – SFO 4:50pm
(*+1h during the summer time)

<ANA All Nippon Airways> Los Angeles and Honolulu, from October 31st 2010
LAX 0:55am* – HND 5:00am next day, HND 0:05am – LAX 4:55pm
HNL 6:15pm – HND 10:30pm next day, HND 0:13am – HNL 0:40pm previous day
(*+1h during the summer time)

<Delta Air Lines> Los Angeles and Detroit, from January 29th 2011
LAX 4:50 pm - HND 10:00 pm next day; HND 12:00 am - LAX 5:25 pm
DTW 6:20 pm - HND 10:00 pm next day; HND 7:00 am - DTW 5:00 am

<American Airlines> New York (JFK), from January 22nd 2011
JFK 6:10 pm - HND 10:15 pm next day; HND 6:40 am - JFK 5:15 am

<Hawaiian Airlines> Honolulu, from November 19th 2010
HNL 6:05 pm - HND 10:05 pm next day; HND 11:59pm - HNL 0:05pm

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