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KIE/Kintetsu International Re-launches Its American Website

New Features Include: Online Hotel Booking System
with Preferred Rates for Select Hotels and Ryokan in Japan

Online Discounted Airfare Bookings to be Launched August 1st, 2010!
KIE’s Airfare to be integrated into flight searches.


Going live on August 1st, Kintetsu’s website will have an online booking service for discount flights between the United States and Japan.

The link at is currently active, but the online booking will go live August 1st.

In addition, these KIE’s discount flights will be included on the online flight search aggregator,, making it even easier for travelers to access Kintetsu’s great Japan airfare deals. is one of the fastest growing airfare search aggregators, searching more than 800 airfare websites, including official airline sites, online travel agencies, and traditional travel agencies’ sites. 

Momondo will also link to its user generated Tokyo and Kyoto City Guides
( and KIE will include Momondo’s City Guides on its external links page (

About KIE/Kintetsu International

Established in 1955, KIE’s parent company “Kinki Nippon Tourist,” headquartered in Tokyo Japan, is one of the world’s top full service travel agencies with over 350 branches worldwide and an annual sales volume of over $6 billion.  KIE’s first branch in the USA opened in San Francisco n 1965. Today, KIE operates five strategically placed branches in the USA with over 100 employees. They are a member of the prestigious, Ensemble Travel Group, and were listed as the 35th largest corporate travel agency in the United States, on Travel Weekly’s 2009 Power List of top 59 US travel agencies. 

Using their global resources, Kintetsu has the leverage and purchasing power to offer the best airfare and hotel rates worldwide, for corporations and the leisure market.

About Momondo

Momondo was launched in 2006 and in three years has grown to become one of Denmark’s top websites across all categories, not just travel. Headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark,
Momondo has received the 2010 Danish e-commerce prize within the travel and tourism category and Norway's largest newspaper, World Gang (VG), and the Norwegian Consumer Council independently elected Momondo as the best player in the electronic travel reservation marketplace. In addition, as of April 6, 2010, Momondo established a partnership with Swedish TV4 and Expressen, Sweden’s second largest newspaper. Momondo is growing steadily in the United States and has been recommended by The New York Times, CNN, CBS News, the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune, and was recently chosen as the top travel website by travel authority Arthur Frommer.

Japan specialist travel agency, KIE/Kintetsu International, has just re-launched its American website, specifically designed for English speaking travelers. According to Assistant General Manager, Bill Sarcona, “The new site will make it much easier for Americans to plan travel to Japan, especially when our new online airfare booking features go live on August 1st.”

Already Accessible Website Features include:

● New Online Hotel booking system for KIE’s preferred rates at select hotel and ryokan throughout Japan.

● Front Page Japan Travel News Blog

● Japan Tour and Travel Information, including specifics on:
  -- JR Rail Passes (with special free shipping promo)
  -- Optional Tours
  -- Tour Packages
  -- Special Interest “Exclusive” Tours, including a special fall 2010 tour featuring the Seto Inland
        Sea Arts Festival
  -- Suggested Regional and Themed Itineraries

● Travel Tips

● Regularly-issued Japan Travel Newsletter with free sign-up and archive access.

New Online Booking Partnership with KIE and Momondo!

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