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ANA and Continental to Begin Code-share Flights

ANA and Continental to Begin Code-share Flights
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ANA will begin a code-sharing agreement with Continental Airlines on routes between the United States and Japan effective March 28. It will be the first time that ANA has implemented code-sharing with Continental Airlines. Through the arrangement, customers of ANA and Continental Airlines will be able to more conveniently travel between Japan and the United States. ANA’s customers will be able to conveniently access Continental’s network via ANA flights. ANA’s flights to U.S. cities including Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago provide connections with Continental’s onward flights to Houston.

Code-share Flights

Continental Airlines flights

Origin Destination Continental Airlines
Flight No.*
ANA Flight No.* Frequency
Los Angeles Houston CO53 NH6490 Daily
Houston Los Angeles CO1495 NH6491 Daily
San Francisco Houston CO93 NH6492 Daily
Houston San Francisco CO92 NH6493 Mondays and Thursdays
Chicago Houston CO447 NH6496 Daily
Houston Chicago CO1746 NH649 Daily

International ANA flights

Origin Destination ANA Flight No.* Continental Airlines
Flight No.*
Washington D.C. Tokyo/Narita NH1 CO4451 Daily
Tokyo/Narita Washington D.C. NH2 CO4452 Daily
Los Angeles Tokyo/Narita NH5 CO4455 Daily
Los Angeles Tokyo/Narita NH6 CO4456 Daily
San Francisco Tokyo/Narita NH7 CO4457 Daily
Tokyo/Narita San Francisco NH8 CO4458 Daily
New York Tokyo/Narita NH9 CO4459 Daily
Tokyo/Narita New York NH10 CO4460 Daily
Chicago Tokyo/Narita NH11 CO4461 Daily
Tokyo/Narita Chicago NH12 CO4462 Daily
Honolulu Tokyo/Narita NH1051 CO4463 Daily
Tokyo/Narita Honolulu NH1052 CO4464 Daily

Domestic ANA flights

Origin Destination ANA Flight No.* Continental Airlines
Flight No.*
Tokyo/Narita Fukuoka NH2143 CO4477 Daily
Fukuoka Tokyo/Narita NH2144 CO4478 Daily
Tokyo/Narita Itami NH2177/2179 CO4481/4483 Daily
Itami Tokyo/Narita NH2178 CO4484 Daily
Tokyo/Narita Nagoya NH339 CO4487 Daily
Nagoya Tokyo/Narita NH3204 CO4488 Daily
Tokyo/Narita Okinawa NH2159 CO4489 Daily
Okinawa Tokyo/Narita NH2158 CO4490 Daily


* Flight numbers are subject to change without notice.
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