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Miho Museum Spring Special Exhibition: March 13 through June 6, 2010

MIHO MUSEUM 2009 Autumn News

Spring Special Exhibition: March 13 through June 6, 2010

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of its founder, Miho Museum presents this special exhibition consisting of major Eastern and Western works in the museum's collection as well as masterpieces from East and West, including Standing Jikokuten (Important Cultural Property), Landscape Screens by Yosa Buson, Elephant and Whale Screens by Ito Jakuchu, and others, that have been newly collected since the opening of the Miho Museum in accordance with the ideas on art and art appreciation inherited from the founder. We hope you will enjoy the harmony to be found at the Miho of fine works of art, architecture in a beautiful natural setting, and food prepared with natural-farming ingredients.

Late Heian Period
(12th century AD)



The core from which the Miho Museum and its collection envolved can be found in the galleries of the North Wing.Mrs.Koyama had a great fondness for the tea ceremony.To gain an understanding of the spirit that engendered the Miho Museum, please look to its origins in the easy grace of the tea ceremonial objects that were once part of her original collection.
(12th century AD)
Standing Jikokuten
Late Heian to early Kamakura periods(12th century A.D.)

2010 Schedule
Summer session:July 10 through August 15
"Dynamic Decoration in Asia"
Autumn session:September 4 through December 12
"Ceramics of Medieval Japan: The Six Old Kilns and Their Environs"

※Exhibition titles may be changed



MIHO MUSEUM Facilities

There are three of gift shops, cafe room and restaurant in the building. An audio guide to the exhibits and a special project for children are available.


Restaurant & Tea room

At both the Miho Museum restaurant and café,the finest natural ingredients are carefully selected and used to prepare all our dishes. Lunch boxes for groups are available by advanced reservation only. (We must have five days notice)

Gift Shop in the South wing (basement)

You may purchase many original goods and handmade items at the museum.
The photographing MIHO MUSEUM, the architectural feat of I.M.Pei. This collection consists of carefully selected photographs taken by Higashide Kiyohiko. Price:¥25,000 plus tax


Audio guide (rental fee : 500 yen)

Japanese, English, Chinese, German You can listen to a short commentary of eighty-five works from the permanent collection.

Audio Visual room (Basement)

Japanese, English, Chinese, German, Korean
A video and various commentaries about the Miho Museum architecture and art works.
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Sightseeing spots around the MIHO MUSEUM


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