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Summer Festival Season in Japan!

Jump into the summer festival in Japan this summer! Visitors are more than welcome to the lively atmosphere with people lifting massive portable shrines, women beautifully dressed in kimonos, and streets lined with numerous stalls. Please see the list of popular Japanese summer festivals. You can learn more about traditional and modern art festivals below!

July 1-31     Gion Festival (Kyoto): Gion Festival is held throughout Japan during the month of July. Kyoto's Gion Festival is held at Yasaka Shrine and dates back to 869, well known as one of the largest festivals in Kyoto. The highlight of the event is the parade of 32 beautifully decorated floats on the 17th. The floats are described as a "moving museum" of decorations and elegant textiles. Children in traditional attire and festival musicians ride the floats. This Kyoto's style of music, design andfloat structure has influenced other festivals around Japan.

July 25     Sumida River Fireworks (Tokyo): July and August are traditionally fireworks season in Japan. This is a large-scale fireworks show, where thousands upon thousands of fireworks are launched into the sky for hours. The Sumida River Fireworks is one of the major fireworks shows in Tokyo, said to have originated in the custom of the common people of Edo viewing fireworks while enjoying the cool of the summer evening. The old town evening sky turns into a spectacle of dazzling colors, people dressed in summer kimonos enjoy not only watching the brilliant fireworks display, but also enjoy the street fair vendors who sell delicious food, drink and arts & crafts.

August 2-7, 1-7     Aomori Nebuta Festival & Hirosaki Neputa Festival Tohoku Region Big 4 Festivals!(Aomori): Gigantic papier-mache dolls parade at night. These gorgeous and colorful three-dimensional dolls compete each other in beauty and dynamism!

August 3-6     Akita Kanto Festival Tohoku Big 4!See the 24ft-tall bamboo poles with 46 lanterns be carried through the streets in hope for a good fall harvest.

August 5-7     Yamagata Hanagasa Festival Tohoku Big 4!Come and watch about a total of 10,000 dancers in a 100 groups participate in this festival as a parade is led by colorful decorated floats.

August 6-8     Sendai Tanabata Festival (Star Festival) Tohoku Big 4!(Miyagi): Currently, Tanabata is to celebrate the summer starry night and an old romantic mythology behind. Unique to Sendai are the Seven Ornaments, which embody prayers for progress in studies or calligraphy, the well being of one's family, good health and longevity, prosperous business, a large catch and a rich harvest.

August 8     Tokyo Bay Grand Fireworks (Tokyo): The Tokyo Bay Grand Fireworks Show is one of the largest and best known fireworks displays in Tokyo, where as many as 12,000 fireworks will be launched.

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