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Adachi Museum

The Adachi Museum is actually two museums in one: an interior museum of contemporary Japanese paintings from the Meiji, Taisho and Showa eras, and exterior Japanese gardens that are among the most beautiful in Japan. These two worlds come together in a brilliant way, with large windows framing picture-perfect views of the landscape alongside works of art. In glorious harmony, both the exhibits and the garden change with the seasons.

Among the many exceptional artworks is a large collection by Yokoyama Taikan, who is credited with fostering the Nihonga style of Japanese traditional painting. The founder of the museum, Adachi Zenko, hoped that by viewing Taikan's paintings alongside the beauty of the gardens, visitors could gain a deeper appreciation of the artist's works and be moved to seek out those by other Japanese painters.

The garden, which surrounds the museum on several sides, is actually six different gardens, from a moss garden to a magnificent dry landscape garden that incorporates background scenery into its design. In addition to viewing platforms, there are two teahouses where visitors can sit, sip tea and contemplate gardens that are like Japanese paintings brought to life.