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Dogo Island West

Hidden in a deep, lush forest, the Dangyo-no-Taki Waterfall consists of a larger "male" waterfall that drops vertically from an overhanging cliff and a more softly flowing "female" waterfall. Because their waters are considered sacred, local sumo competitors come to increase their chances for winning by drinking the waters and paying their respects at the Dangyo Shrine, nestled between the waterfalls underneath the cliff.

Lying off the island's coast is one of the area's most unusual rock formations, Rosoku-jima. Rising 65 feet out of the sea, the rock column is known as a stack, created when erosion caused by wind and water carved away everything around it. Rosoku-jima translates as Candle Island, in reference to the fact that when the setting sun is perfectly aligned with the stack's peak, it looks like a burning candle. Sightseeing boats bring visitors to the right vantage point for seeing the sun resting on the rock, but there are also lookout points on Dogo Island that provide other views of Rosoku and the island’s rocky and eroded coastline.