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Japan Airlines to Introduce Select Autumn Menu in JAL's Exclusive Restaurant in the Sky

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TOKYO:August 28, 2014

Japan Airlines to Introduce Select Autumn Menu in JAL's Exclusive Restaurant in the Sky

Japan Airlines (JAL) will introduce enhanced in-flight meals on international flights from September 2014.

Under the meal service concept of an exclusive restaurant in the sky from January 2013, JAL dining sets a new standard for in-flight meals with tempting new menus created by talented chefs for a thoroughly unforgettable dining experience.

The world renowned Japanese chef, Mr. Seiji Yamamoto of Nihonryori RyuGin which has been on The World's 50 Best Restaurants list for five years now, will create Japanese 1st meals in First Class from September Also, Mr. Koji Shimomura of Édition Koji Shimomura which is a 2 star restaurant in Tokyo, will create Western 1st meal in First Class from September 1.

Mr. Naoki Uchiyama who is a JAL corporate chef(*) for JAL in product development at JAL Royal Catering will create Western 1st meals in First and Business Class.

(*)JAL corporate chef: Japan Airlines now establish "the corporate chef scheme" to improve the quality of in-flight meal. JAL corporate chefs are planning the menu, creating recipes, and cooking guidance to overseas caterers.

JAL is embracing new challenges of serving exquisite Japanese cuisine to deliver an inspirational travel experience.


I.First Class on Outbound Flights from Japan

Mr. Seiji Yamamoto, who produced the First Class Western menu for outbound flights from Japan, will now create all First Class Japanese menus, and Mr. Koji Shimomura will design all First Class Western menus for outbound flights from Japan. We hope you enjoy our First Class meals meticulously prepared in collaboration with Japanese star chefs who have won international acclaim.

(1)Introduction of new First Class Japanese menus by Mr. Seiji Yamamoto

The new Japanese cuisine menu created by Mr. Seiji Yamamoto includes a variety of dishes, such as "Kisetsu no Kozara (Small Seasonal Dishes)", 5 different delicacies served in small bowls which go perfectly with sake, "Nimonowan (Bowl of boiled food)" said to be the jewel of Japanese cuisine, and "Kaisen (Seafood)" featuring fresh fish of the season.


Applicable Routes: From Japan to Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, London, Frankfurt, Paris and Jakarta

Contents of menu:

Kisetsu no Kozara (Small Seasonal Dishes)

.Egg Cake

.Braised Eggplant topped with Sea Urchin

.Simmered Conger Eel & Lotus Root Cake

.Simmered Tofu Lees with Short-necked Clam 

.Mixed Vegetables with Pine Nuts



.Japanese Clear Soup with Prawn Mousse & "Matsutake" Mushroom



.Horsehair Crabmeat & Simmered Abalone

.Sea-bream & Scallop "Sashimi" with Cold Japanese Broth



.Sukiyaki of "Wagyu" Beef Fillet & "Matsutake" Mushroom



.Japanese Pear & "Sudachi" Citrus Sorbet

.Ryugin's Signature "Roppongi Pudding"

.Japanese Chestnut Cake

(2)Introduction of new First Class Western menus by Mr. Koji Shimomura

His restaurant showcases his distinctive cooking style, which is characterized by a confident technique that playfully toys with bold ideas to enchant epicures throughout Japan.


Applicable Routes: From Japan to Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, London, Frankfurt, Paris and Jakarta

Contents of menu:

Amuse Bouche

.Onion Puree with Deep-fried Onion

.Tricolor Fried Rice Powder Chip ~ Beet, Squid Ink, Garland Chrysanthemum ~

.Duck Raw Ham, Macadamia Nut & Gorgonzola in Quiche Style



.Potato & Celeriac Purée with Crabmeat & Japanese Ginger Salad accompanied by Caviar

.Pressé of Duck Fois Gras & Fig Balsamico Vinegar Flavor

.Porcini Velouté with Scallop & Iberico Chorizo


Main Dish(Choice)

.Poêlée of "Wagyu" Beef with White CabbageWrapped Truffle & Burdock Petit Ragoût

.Truffle Flavored Guinea Fowl from Bretagne & Colorful Vegetables in Pot-au-feu Style

.Roasted Lobster With Crust, Saffron Risotto & Short-necked Clam Jus

main dish


.Chocolate & Red Fruit Compote with Banana Ice Cream

II. First Class and Business Class on Inbound flights from New York

Japan Airlines is pleased to present a Special Menu developed by JAL corporate Chef, Naoki Uchiyama, former executive chef at top-ranking restaurants in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York. Mr. Uchiyama embraced the challenge of using his culinary knowledge and cooking techniques cultivated in the U.S. to select the choicest ingredients and sauces and seek beauty of food presentation. We hope you enjoy the Special Menu created by a culinary professional who has made a lasting impression on connoisseurs of fine food and drink around the world.

Applicable Routes: From New York to Japan

Contents of menu:

First Class


.Lobster Salad with Vegetables



Main Dish

.US Prime Beef Fillet with Sautéed Foie Gras, Madeira Sauce


Business Class


.Grilled Scallop, Leek Mousse with Black Truffle vinaigrette Prosciutto Salad


Main Dish

.Fresh Cod with Fennel Cream Sauce





Nihonryori RyuGin      Seiji Yamamoto

Born 1970 in Kagawa

While only 33 Mr. Yamamoto opened Nihonryori RyuGin in Tokyo, where he served as managing chef. Since then he has been introducing others to the value of rich and varied Japanese ingredients, describing his outside-the-box vision and approach at European and American cuisine conferences, where he is a frequent invitee.


É dition Koji Shimomura     Koji Shimomura

Born in Ibaraki

Mr. Shimomura moved to France at the age of 22 to study cuisine at the 3-star restaurants such as "La Côte d'Or" and "Troisgros." After eight years appreciating there, he returned to Japan and opened "Édition Koji Shimomura" in Tokyo.


JAL Corporate Chef    Naoki Uchiyama

Born 1961 in Hiroshima

Mr. Naoki Uchiyama started his career in the United States early, serving consecutively as head chef at "Spago" in Los Angeles, "Royalton Hotel" in New York, and "Alan Wong's" in Hawaii. After returning to Japan, he served as the head chef at "Wolfgang Puck's" in Tokyo, and currently serves as corporate chef for Japan Airlines in product development at JAL Royal Catering.



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