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Delight All 5 Senses in Hokkaido This Autumn!

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Sendai Tanabata Festival / cYasufumi Nishi/cJNTO

Dear Partners,
Greetings from JTB Global Marketing & Travel!
The rainy season is almost over, and the beautiful sunshine of summer has finally come to us! This means that it is time to enjoy fireworks, one of the most significant summer festivals in Japan. Another way to enjoy summer and but still escape the summer heat is playing golf in the nature! Also, there is way to just skip the summer, which is going to Hokkaido and feeling the autumn with five senses! We hope you enjoy summer and stay cool!

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Feel the autumn of Hokkaido through five senses
How about making good memories using your five senses in the autumn? In Hokkaido, you will enjoy seeing autumn leaves and eating delicious gourmet such as Genghis khan. In addition, in the evening I suggest to you listening to music in Sapporo autumn festival and tasting wines made in Hokkaido. Throughout the day, cycling in nature will relax you.



Message from our sales persons


Hokkaido Office

Isn't it about time to plan a trip in autumn to relax? The 11 members of JTBGMT's Hokkaido sales office would like to share with you the beauty of Hokkaido in autumn.

We can use our five senses to experience the season: its foliage, delicious dishes, festivals, aromatic wine, and cycling opportunities.

We are happy to have this chance to share these with everyone. We are eagerly looking forward to seeing you this autumn in Hokkaido!

Japanese Sake Talks Full of Japan for You!
Sake is a clear alcoholic beverage that is said to be first made in Yayoi Period (300 BC - 250 AD). Although it is an integral part of Japanese culture, foreign visitors have only superficial understanding of it. So we would like to tell you how it is made, how many different kinds are there, and how you can enjoy it!


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Wonderful summer! Wonderful fireworks festivals!
A fireworks show is one of the signature summer events in Japan. There are over 200 fireworks festivals during summer, and today, we would like to introduce some magnificent ones that you should not miss! Enjoy summer in Japan with fireworks, delicious Japanese dinner, hot springs and some drinks and make unforgettable memory!


Enjoy summer golf in Japan
Come experience golf in the famous golfing retreat areas near Tokyo; Hakone and Karuizawa. During the Hakone golf tour, you can also enjoy Mt.Fuji and hot springs in a Japanese-style hotel. Karuizawa, one of Japan's most prominent highland resort areas has not only world class golf courses but also a big shopping plaza!


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