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(If you are a member of the general public, please use the short form for your request.)

• Downloadable E-brochures are available on the JNTO Pamphlet Archive.
• It may take up to three weeks for your order to ship after your request is submitted.
• Brochure quantity sent will depend on JNTO stock. Orders over 1 lbs. will be shipped by C.O.D.

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NOTE: If you choose "US" you must ALSO choose a state, so that your request can be sent to the appropriate JNTO office immediately.

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(3) Please provide information on the tour or client group that will be receiving these brochures.
NOTE: Because of high demand, JNTO can no longer provide brochures for display or sales purposes. Requests should only include brochures that will be sent to confirmed travelers. For individual travelers please have your clients contact JNTO directly if they would like brochures.

*Tour/Group Name:
*Departure Date:  (MM/DD/YYYY)
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(4) Please indicate the type of Material you would like to receive.
NOTE: Brochure quantity sent will depend on JNTO stock. Orders over 1 lbs. will be shipped by C.O.D.

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Other(Posters etc.):

*(5)Do you plan on operating tours to Japan in near future?

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*(6)How many clients have you sent to Japan?

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*(7)What is the overall booking and/or reservation status to Japan in the next three - four months?


*(8)Are you experiencing any difficulties and/or problems arranging any of the followings for trip to Japan (FIT or Group) in the next three-four months?

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