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Cherry Blossoming Forecast in Japan

The cherry blossoms usually bloom for only about a week after full-bloom. The small, round shape flowers flutter to the ground gracefully and the blossoms are said to be the most beautiful at their final stage. For many Japanese people, the blooming of the cherry trees symbolize human life, transience and nobleness. They celebrate and cherish their beauty while it lasts.

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Famous Places for Viewing Cherry Blossoms in Japan

In Japan, the blossoming of cherry trees signals the end of winter and the birth of spring. Although the season for cherry blossoms (sakura) can vary from year to year, it usually begins in Okinawa around the end of January, travels through Kyushu and Honshu from the middle of March and into April and reaches Hokkaido by early May.

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Miyagawa Tsutsumi Park
Ise City in Mie Prefecture

Visitors can stroll along the banks of the Miyagawa River at any time during the year but will find it extra special throughout the cherry blossom season with 1,000 Someiyoshino Cherry blossom trees.

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Iga Ueno Park and Ueno Koen Park
Iga City in Mie Prefecture

The birthplace for Iga Ninja. Haisei-den is a shrine
that expresses the shape of famous poet, Matsuo Basho.

Iga Ueno Castle was the home of castle design expert Todo Takatora. On display inside the keep is a museum with Todo house armor, decorative ceiling painting work by Taikan Yokoyama and more. Nearby is Ueno Park, a ninja house and the Basho Memorial Museum dedicated to the famous haiku poet.

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