Established in the mid 18th century, the Omicyo Fish Market has been supplying the region with choice delights for approximately 280 years. A bustling and colorful seafood market packed with over 200 stalls, Omicyo is a celebration of the freshest produce and virtually every delicacy from the ocean you could want. "The quality of the fish here is really incredible," says Ripert. "It makes me want to go home and ruminate on new recipes."

"A marketplace is always fun for a chef to go to – I love the energy of it, I love interacting with the vendors. It doesn’t matter if you don’t speak the same language – they see that you’re interested in trying what they’ve got and they’re interested to show you. It’s a real connection. And of course, I want to try everything! The big oyster, the sea urchin – I want to taste it all."

"When you’re at these markets, you are so connected to the time of year, you are seeing what’s in season right now – you are getting the product of that specific place at that specific moment in time."

For more information: Omicyo Market (PDF)