Kanazawa is regarded as the best place in Japan for Kaiseki. Often considered a pinnacle of Japanese haute cuisine, Kaiseki is a feast of small dishes, and a culinary experience not to be missed.

Chef Ripert’s Kaiseki dinner at Kinjohro, a Japanese traditional inn, came as part of an exquisite Geisha ceremony, with each course representing the epitome of elegance and flavor, highlighting the local bounty of each season. Geishas are quintessential Japanese icons. representing beauty and refinement through their training in the art of music, dance, floral design, and conversation. "There’s a ritual that accompanies the Geisha experience," says Ripert. "From the drinking and conversation to the dancing and the music and it’s very different from how we would dine in a place like New York. This style of eating is about enjoying with all five senses – not just taste. Sometimes the presentation of the food is very crafty and sometimes it’s very simple – either way it’s very powerful to the eye. It’s similar to what we do at Le Bernardin with our tasting menu, but at the same time very different."

For more information: Kinjohro