Day 1 | NAGOYA

From Tokyo, take the high-speed rail west to Nagoya, between Tokyo and Osaka. Refresh with a sampling of some of the favorite local dishes: savory grilled chicken wings or fried pork cutlets in velvety miso. Then it's off to the 17th-century Nagoya Castle and park, where you can take tea in the garden and visit the reconstruction of the Hommaru Palace for a close look at traditional Japanese craftsmanship.

nagoya castle


Head north by train to peaceful Takayama. Set among the spectacular Hida mountain range, the town’s gorgeous scenery, rustic charm and fresh mountain air make it the perfect place for hiking, cycling or visiting traditional Japanese farmhouses. Home of the legendary Hida beef, opportunities abound for enjoying this sublime national delicacy.

Hida Beef


A short distance away are the historic villages of Shirakawa-go and Gokayama— listed as unesco World Heritage sites. Dating from the early 17th-century, these historic hamlets are an excellent example of premodern Japanese way of life. Sample delicious local dishes of vegetables and miso grilled in a fire-resistant hoba leaf, prepared by the villagers.


Day 4 & 5 | KANAZAWA

On Japan’s western coast, Kanazawa - also known as "Little Kyoto" - is where you'll delight in one of the oldest seafood markets and dine on the freshest marine delicacies best paired with sake, made right here. Be sure not to miss displays of traditional regional arts and crafts. Then take a relaxing soak in Kanazawa's famous onsen hot springs, celebrated for their soothing and healing properties.


Day 5 & 6 | KYOTO

Southwest from Kanazawa lies Kyoto, the former capital of Japan and a jewel in the country's crown. Experience the essence of Japanese refinement in a private tea ceremony and enjoy performances of traditional dance and musical instruments by Geiko and Maiko. Visit the city's many enchanting shrines and temples and end your trip with an elegant multi-course Kaiseki, paired with exquisite artisanal sake.