Surrounded by cold, fathomless waters ideal for fishing, Kanazawa has perfected the art of preparing all things aquatic. The city’s 280-yearold Ohmi-cho Ichiba market is seafood central. Vibrant, bustling and brimming with energy, the market is a veritable cornucopia of the freshest produce and every delicacy from the deep. Explore, savor and let your curiosity run free in this feast for the senses. Then head to the Fukumitsuya sake brewery for a tour of one of Japan’s venerable institutions, the oldest in Kanazawa. Since 1625 Fukumitsuya has been perfecting their sake brewing techniques to meet the tastes of each generation in a grand tradition of innovation. It is made from premium rice and “100-year-old” water from rain and snow, slowly purified deep underground for a sake of unusual delicacy.


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