Useful Travel Information: Ekiben

ekiben-1What’s better than relaxing and gazing at the scenery from the comfort of your train seat? Why, stuffing your face at the same time, of course!
Ekiben, ( eki = station, ben =short for bento) the boxed lunches sold at train stations and onboard trains throughout Japan, are small universes of local flavor presented in often unique and imaginative packaging. They are a great introduction to local specialties some ekiben even include local sake or wine! Remember, you’re not driving, so you don’t have to worry about getting a wee bit giggly! Ekiben vary in their ingredients and level of detail. Some can be plain-Jane, while others rather extravagant. Some even need to be reserved in advance!

ekiben-2Ekiben will also make a showing at Japanese Restaurant Week in New York this year, from March 4th – March 18th. Several restaurants are planning to serve ekiben representing regional favorites from Japan that you won’t want to miss! These ekiben will also be sold at the Japan Week event held at NY Grand Central Terminal from March 19th to 21st.

So, sit back and enjoy some of Japan’s delicious food culture as the scenery unrolls outside your window!

For more information about Japan’s train travel and ekiben, please visit here.

photo credit: Photocapy via photopin cc