Useful Apps for Visitors

Now two new apps provide handy and important information in English for international travelers.

Sakefan World

Feeling like some sake, but don’t know what’s what? Sakefan World is an app sponsored by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry that provides all-you-need-to-know info in English, such as the type of sake, the brewery, alcohol content, type of rice used, degree of polish, flavor profile, best drinking temperature, matching dishes and more! Just bring the app up on your phone, scan the label, and voila!

Safety Tip

This is an English-language push-enabled app (message is delivered from the server without request) sponsored by the Japan Tourism Agency which has been delivering emergency and safety information for earthquakes and tsunami since Oct. 2014. Updated in Aug. 2015, the app now contains additional info on storms, volcanic eruptions, etc. It is also available in Chinese and Korean.