Now that you have finally arrived, retrieved your bags and cleared customs and immigration, it’s now time to head out of the airport towards metropolitan Tokyo! You have your pick of different modes of public transportation, including trains, taxis and limousine buses. Some offer substantial discounts in the form of passes or coupons that visitors to Japan shouldn’t miss out on. Private transportation is also available.


Public transportation:

Narita Express (N’EX)

60 minutes to Tokyo Station. Some trains go to Shinjuku, Ikebukuro and Yokohama stations.

East Japan Railway (JR-East) has a special discount for adults starting January 10th for Ordinary Car reserved seating on a one-way direct ticket on the Narita Express when travelling from Narita Airport Terminal 1 or 2 to major stations in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

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Keisei Electric Railway

36 minutes from Narita to Nippori station by Keisei Railway, and 41 minutes from Narita to Keisei-Ueno Station by Keisei Limited Express.

Keisei offers two types of discount tickets for US travelers that take you from Narita to metropolitan Tokyo.

  • – The Keisei Skyliner and Metro Pass: These include one-way or round-trip Skyliner tickets between Narita and metropolitan Tokyo and a one- or two-day pass for Tokyo Metro lines. May be purchased in Japan.
  • – Tokyo Welcome Set: It includes a one-way ticket from Narita to Ueno or Oshiage stations on Keisei Railway, and a one-day pass to explore Tokyo on Toei Subway lines and Tokyo Metro lines. May be purchased in Japan.

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Airport Limousine

The limousine bus service departing from Narita Airport has a vast network of routes across the Tokyo metropolitan area. It links Narita Airport with the Tokyo City Air Terminal (T-CAT), the Yokohama City Air Terminal (YCAT), Haneda Airport and most major hotels in metropolitan Tokyo. The buses operate every day and frequently. Tickets can be purchased at the Arriving Floor.

Airport Limousine has three great discounts for visitors to Tokyo.

  • – Limousine and Metro Pass can be purchased at the Airport Limousine Bus Ticketing counter. This is a set of promotional tickets that lets you enjoy unlimited travel throughout the Tokyo Metro Network using the Tokyo Metro Pass.
  • – Airport Limousine Bus Voucher and FIT coupons are not sold in Japan, and only sold outside of Japan. Both Airport Limousine Bus Vouchers and FIT coupons can be used as soon as you arrive at Tokyo’s Narita / Haneda Airports and allow you to use most of the Airport Limousine buses.
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Private Transportation:

Private transportation can also be provided by the following companies upon request:

Limo Tokyo:

KM Taxi Service:

Tokyo MK Taxi: