Tourist Pass to Takayama and Ise areas


Starting this summer, foreign tourists to Japan now have access to two internationally acclaimed tourist destinations: Takayama-Hokuriku and Ise-Kumano thanks to the launching of the “Takayama-Hokuriku Area Tourist Pass” and the “Ise-Kumano Area Tourist Pass” by the Central Japan Railway Company and the West Japan Railway Company.

The Takayama-Hokuriku Pass allows travelers access from Nagoya and Osaka to some World Heritage sites such as Shirakawa-go, Gokayama, Takayama, Kanazawa and Toyama. Visitors using the Ise-Kumano Pass can access from Nagoya to Mie Prefecture’s hot tourist attractions such as Ise and Toba, as well as Kumano Kodo in Wakayama. Everyone can enjoy making stopovers at places of their choice along the tour lines.

The passes may be purchased at participating overseas travel agencies only by customers who have a passport issued by a nation other than Japan and whose visa status in Japan is “Short-term Stay.” After purchase, the customer will receive an exchange ticket that can be exchanged for the pass after entry into Japan at certain JR Central and JR West stations or designated branches of JR Tokai Tours, Inc.


Both passes include:

  • a validity period of 5 consecutive days
  • unlimited use of non-reserved seats on all trains in the subject section
  • use of reserved seats on ordinary cars up to 4 times (excludes Hokuriku Shinkansen High-Speed Rail and the limited express “Haruka” running between Kansai International Airport and Shin-Osaka.
  • unlimited use of certain buses



Adults Children (over 6 and less than 11 yrs of age)
Takayama-Hokuriku 13,500 yen 6,750 yen
Ise-Kumano 10,500 yen 5,250 yen


For more information regarding trains, buses and method of exchange, please visit here.


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