Shinjiku located on the West side of the Yamanote train (Lime green color)
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During my last trip to Japan in January 2008, I had the leisure time to walk in Tokyo, specifically from Shinjiku to Shibuya. After sending off my friend on the Narita Express train, an 80 minute train ride directly from Shinjiku to Narita Airport, some friends and I began our stroll parallel to the Yamanote train. There were lots of maps along the way which was very practical, as well as friendly local Japanese we asked direction to keep us on track. Our mission was to check out the non-traditionally dressed Harajuku kids, walk around Yoyogi Koen (Park) and see Meiji-Jingu (Shrine), the largest in Tokyo.

On our stroll we actually stopped in the Japanese Communist Party Central Committee building. We used their restroom. I would say it’s very clean, people are friendly there and muchos communist literature available to the public.

Our restroom stop

When we finally got to Harajuku, we didn’t really get to see alternatively dressed Harajuku styled kids. That was a pity. Perhaps this was the case because it was a few days after new years and the youth have traveled back to their home town (outside of Tokyo). So instead, we walked around Yoyogi Koen. I had a nice walk with runners passing me by. I was surprised to see a dog park. We ended our stroll when we arrived at Shibuya which took all afternoon with our stops. This walk gave me a great chance to see the Western part of Tokyo.

Harajuku Station