JR local train

The extensive Japanese railway system allows visitors to travel pretty much everywhere in Japan (except Okinawa, of course). JR pass has been very popular among tourists, because it allows visitors to have unlimited rides on all JR trains, including the bullet train (limitations apply). JR pass is perfect choice for anybody who wants to go as far and see as much as they can in a limited time. And if used wisely, you can even travel from Hokkaido to Kyushu at bargain price!

But for those who like to take things slow and want to enjoy scenery from trains, Japan Railway’s “Seishun 18 Kippu” pass is the must-have. The basic rule says that you have unlimited rides on JR local and rapid trains for 5 days, but this pass’s flexibility allows you to use the pass in one of the following ways:
1) 5 consecutive days of unlimited travel
2) 5 one-day trips during its valid period
3) a day trip for a group of 5 people

Even better news for you is that between February 20 to March 31, JR is offering it for only 8,000 yen (regularly priced at 11,500 yen)! But please note that the pass must be used between March 1 and April 10.

For more details about the “Seishun 18 Kippu” pass, please go to Japan Railway website.